We’ve all heard the stories about counting calories, “limiting” your food intake, eating “less of this, and more of that”, and so forth. The word “diet” automatically conjures up images of not eating what we like, cutting out on all indulgences – in a nutshell, “diet” for most people equates to “avoid”. And it is precisely because of this that many people fail to adhere to their diet – even those that have committed themselves to following a strict diet plan.


Well, I’m here to tell you that following a good diet is NOT tough, and certainly not a chore as it’s made out to be. In fact, you CAN eat a great diet, and still ENJOY it – and not feel guilty about the occasional indulgence. It need not be complicated and it certainly isn’t hard to follow. About all you need is a will to improve your health, and a good exercise program to go along with the diet program, and you’re all set.

I’m going to be honest here – I’m not going to promise you instant results or a six pack within so many days. While you may end up getting a six pack by doing what I tell you, that is not the purpose – looks are just that, LOOKS. Health is far more important. And finally, remember that anyone who gives you information that claims to “give you a six pack” within X number of days, or “transform you into a lean, mean machine”, is usually giving you nothing but a well rehearsed sales pitch – which is not even halfway true in most cases.

Don’t believe me? Well, look at the average person that follows the latest fad diets that come down the pike – what sort of results do they get? More importantly, are they happy with those results? Do they achieve superior strength and lasting health by counting calories at every meal?

The good news is though that you don't have to deal with any of that.


  • YOU don’t have to spend years trying to figure out what works in terms of diet.
  • YOU don’t have to experiment with the latest fad diets out there, and be disappointed when they fail (as most do) and give up.
  • YOU don’t have to count calories in every meal, and end up ruining the entire meal by worrying.


And why? Because I’ve consolidated my knowledge into a simple, concise manual – The Simple and Effective Diet. This course is packed up with power packed, easy to digest information that anyone can implement, and more importantly, get great results from doing so. Most of all, it’s FUN to do what I tell you in this book – no more boring zero carb diets or counting calories, or any of that nonsense.

Here is a brief look at what you can expect from the course: -

  • Solid, down to earth advice on what sort of food items to eat, and what not to
  • Know the ONE item you need to avoid at all costs – and why you should be doing so
  • Figure out the type of meals you should be eating, and how they should be prepared
  • Learn about an often ignored part of your diet – and why doing so is detrimental to your overall  health.
  • And last - - but not least - - a lean and toned look - - the sort even the "six pack" guys would kill for - - and beneath is proof of what such a diet can do for YOU, my friend!

Given the wealth of information in the course, I could easily charge you $30 or more for this course – but I’m not going to do so. Instead, I’m offering this to you for a ridiculously low price of $6.99. That’s right – less than 7 bucks. That’s less than the price of a “large” fat laden pizza (which you should be avoiding anyway) – and less than two “meal deals” at Micky D’s (which you should be avoiding as well).

Just $6.99 – for information that has the potential to change your life for the better. The course is offered as a pdf file, so there are NO shipping and handling charges involved - and, you don't have to wait for the course to physically ship to you!!

Order your copy NOW – combine it with a serious exercise program – and watch your body transform itself before your VERY EYES.

The Simple and Effective Diet | 6.99 USD



Best regards,

Rahul Mookerjee