Friday, 07 September 2012 08:13

Do you have back pain?

Do you have back problems of any kind? Stiffness in the back, an inability to bend over fully and touch your toes, or maybe extreme lower back pain that gets aggravated by simple day to day activities? Stiff upper back? Hunched over? The list goes on, and on, and on.  .  .

And if you answered yes to any of these questions, believe me, your in the majority - not the minority.

Sad as it sounds, back pain/problems are an issue for a LOT of people today. Just this week, I spoke to three people in their early 30's - a time when the body should be at it's fittest - that could barely make it to work and back home without severe lower back pain. In fact, there are folks that end up going to work with back braces strapped on - the pain can get to be THAT bad.

And this issue ranges across all age groups and demographics - I've seen folks that could lift enormous poundages do so, and grab their lower back in agony the next minute. I've seen 18 years old that make regular visits to the chiropractor. And so forth.

What's sad is that back pain is an issue one can easily avoid - WITHOUT making expensive trips to doctors and chiropractors, and without consuming a ton of expensive medications.

How so, you might ask.

Well, the first way is blindingly simple - and thats basically to "get off thy duff", as it were. Most folks today spend the majority of their days sitting down, and sitting for long periods without moving or stretching is without exception, one of the WORST things you can do for your back - especially your LOWER back. Simply walking around for a while with erect posture can alleviate back pain to a degree, but what amazes me is that folks are willing to drive long distances to see medical professionals that will "help their back pain", but neglect to simply walk around for a while daily.

Most back pain occurs due to the following reasons - weak upper back muscles (very common), weak muscles along the spine, and a wonky lower back (this last one is extememly common too). Those are the usual culprits - strengthen these areas the right way, and you can say goodbye to back problems forever. 

So, how do you get the job done then? 

Well, simple - you do so through bodyweight exercises that strengthen your back naturally. Pull-ups, as taught in Fast and Furious Fitness are one of the VERY BEST exercises you can do for your entire back. These are tough, but the results make the effort more than worth it.

There are stretches that make you feel like a billion bucks as well - while working the whole body as a unit. One of these is the gymnastic bridge that I show you in Fast and Furious Fitness - get good at this, and you'll be bidding riddiance to that nagging lower back pain shortly thereafter. I show  you the basic movement in the book - there are far more advanced variations - but you'd be amazed at how many folks (including the "pumpers" in the gym) score a big ZERO when they try this one for the first time.

And lest you think those are the only things you can do to strengthen your back - well, think again, my friend. There are a plethora of different options available to you - but only if your open to trying them. The path most traveled is NOT always the best path, especially on this one!

Last, but not least, this email is NOT intended to be medical advice - if you have recurring back pain that doesn't go away even after strengthening your back, see a medical professional right away. In most cases though, I'll be willing to bet you won't need to do so after working on some of the exercises I spoke about - back pain will most likely be a thing of the PAST.

Anyway, thats it for today. Get cracking on "dem" pull-ups, and some of the other Fast and Furious exercises, and watch your back pain disappear like there's no tomorrow!

Best regards,