Friday, 28 June 2013 15:30

Get 'em started early - keep 'em hooked forever!

No, today's subject line/email is NOT an advertisement for a tobacco company (or other products that are injurious to health)! I'm aware that what I wrote in the subject line would be manna from heaven for the marketing departments in most tobacco/liquor companies, but I'm referring to keeping a kid "hooked forever" in a GOOD way - not bad.

I was doing my exercises out in the park today, when a little girl with her mother showed up in the area where the dipping bars are. Wouldn't have been more than 8 years of age or so, and they had badminton rackets in hand, along with a yoga mat - always a good sign - especially when most stroll into that area with cellphones and handbags in hand as if it's a mall - and then park themselves right on the dipping bars to complete their daily gossip quota. Ugggh.

Anyway, I saw this girl trying to do pull-ups on the monkey bars, and dip between the parallel bars (much the same as I was doing). She was too small to do them in full range of motion, but at least she was trying - and trying hard. Good stuff!

But, guess what was even BETTER?

Her mother was actually encouraging her from the sidelines. As in "honey, don't give up - try to get at least ONE chin". Or "honey, let's see you fall over into a gymnastic bridge" (and she did - it was great to watch). And so forth.

The majority of adults today don't bother to fit physical activity into their daily lives - and this seems to be the norm for parents as well, at least in this neck of the woods. And given that fact, it's not surprising there are more and more obese children "running" (I use that term loosely) around galore with I-phones in hand and pizza on the mind.

But guess what happens when parents actually encourage their kids to participate in physical activity and sports - kids do so happily, because kids are full of energy naturally and are made for this. And when a parent actually shows up and does some of the same stuff she's asking her kid to do - well, even better.

And guess what - once they start - and get into the habit - they're hooked, my friend, and that can only be a GOOD thing. And exercises don't have to be tough for kids; in fact Fast and Furious Fitness teaches you a wide variety of exercises that kids will absolutely ENJOY doing (and that adults would benefit greatly from as well).

So, if you have kids, make sure and set a good example - plonking down in front of the tube with a six pack and Doritos may seem like the thing to do after work, but it isn't setting a good example for the little one.

Anyway, wanted to share that with you; I figure you'd like it as much as I did. . .

Until next time - and if you work out today, make it a super one!

Best regards,

PS: One of the best presents you can give your kids is the gift of lifelong health, strength and fitness (and yes, I know I switched the order around) - grab Fast and Furious Fitness NOW - and get 'em started!

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