Sunday, 30 June 2013 16:16

A different workout

Well, I got in a workout alright today - whew! And it wasn't my normal routine by any means; I did something NEW today - as in, things I've done before - not anything I've talked about before, but highly effective nonetheless.

Today's workout did NOT involve any dipping, pull-ups, monkey bars, timed holds - none of those staples today. And it involved only ONE strength movement (albeit a great one), but I was huffin and puffin' like I used when climbing the hill in China in a different life. And in fact, it got so hard that at one point I simply had to collapse on the floor and PAUSE for breath - it was that tough.

Now, what on earth was this workout?

Well, let's just say a combination of some exercises so "basic" that one couldn't even think they'd be tough - but ohhh yes, they ARE! Those, combined with handstand pushups in between sets of the other exercises - YOW!

My workout lasted for more than an hour and a half today - hardly fits the bill of FAST - but certainly fits the FURIOUS part. And rest assured that this workout is too tough for the uninitiated to handle - which is probably why it hasn't made it to the book as yet.

What WAS it?

Well, a lot of yoga movements, and work for the core - and handstand pushups thrown in. I'm not going to get into all the gory details here, but here's a sample:

100 jumping jacks, preferably done FAST and without a pause (and no, I couldn't manage them all at one go)
Handstand pushups (as many as you can do)
Knees to chest while jumping - FAST - 100 reps as a minimum, preferably in a set (and no, didn't manage this either - like I said, haven't been doing them for a while!)
Handstand holds (or pull ups, if you have a chinning bar at home; I don't at this point)
Repeat for three sets.

And thats not even taking into account the stretches and other core work. Think cycling movements - SLOWLY - while lying down - can feel like TORTURE for the abs after a while.

I'm writing this a couple of hours after my workout, and I'm still sore in the traps, abs and legs - not something you'd necessary associate with yoga, eh?

Now, I don't do this type of workout ALL the time - but it's mighty effective if done as a change, and some of the movements CAN be incorporated into a regular workout as well. Tough movements to be honest, but can be done for sure.

So thats something else to think about for all the weight maniacs who think the weight room is the only way to get a great workout - THINK AGAIN! And it also tells you that doing something DIFFERENT once in a while can only be good for you.

I'm probably going to get back to my normal routine tomorrow - and it'll be great - I can feel it in my bones already! And for those of you that work out regularly, you know the feeling; inexplicable at times, but it can't be ignored.

So, that ends today's note - until next time - take care - and work out hard!

Best regards,

PS: I don't cover all this in a book - YET. But, I do have another book I'm working on which details advanced handstand training and bridging (another fantastic exercise), and I might just add these exercises into the mix. Until then though, you still have more than enough to work with with Fast and Furious Fitness - grab a copy NOW.