Tuesday, 17 December 2013 02:25

A short update on my China adventures, and Fast and Furious Fitness on Facebook

Wow, what a busy few days it's been thus far. Seems like I've been in China for years already, when in reality it's only been around 10 days so far. You know what they say - time flies when your having fun, and it sure has "flown" past these last few days!

Anyway, it's been a merry jaunt thus far - getting back in touch with folks I knew here, practicing my very limited Chinese, hehe, drinking my "secret" potion for health and weight loss (for those that require it) in copious amounts, and of course, my jaunts up the hill. Great fun thus far, and I don't expect that to change for the immediate future.

Of course, things are never "perfect" - and the weather sure hasn't for the last two days (and today as well) - it's been raining incessantly over here, making it almost impossible to get out of the house, let alone go for long treks up a tough hill. I generally don't let the weather stop me, but it's cold and rainy outside, and I don't fancy catching a chill trekking for hours in this weather, so I'm doing the sensible thing for once, hehe, and letting the weather even out a little before I venture out again.

And I won't lie - an enforced house stay is never easy - and those of you that enjoy outdoor activities on a regular basis know what I'm talking about. I write in my book about how "I got so cranky if I missed even a day of my daily climb" - and that's spot on - I'm crankier than a hibernating grizzly roused from his sleep right now, and ready to chew nails as it were. Aargh!

Anyway, I figured I'd use the extra time productively, and one of the things I've done is to (finally) get a Facebook page up for Fast and Furious Fitness. The page is still very much a "work in progress", but feel free to stop by and check it out, "like" it, and leave your thoughts/comments - all much appreciated! You can check out the page here: - https://www.facebook.com/fastandfuriousfitness.

On other fronts, I'm also going to be announcing a special offer soon on the site - which will likely mean a discount on all, or at least some of my products. That offer should be up within a day or so - stay tuned for that one!  

And that's the update from here, for now. Back again tomorrow with regular programming - and here's to hoping the rain stays AWAY!

Very best,


P.S. : - That Facebook link again is https://www.facebook.com/fastandfuriousfitness; be sure and stop by!