Wednesday, 25 December 2013 09:47

Merry Christmas, and being glad for the small things in life!

Well, it's that time of the year again - much love and happiness all around (or at least, there should be). Your kids are probably eager to see what Santa brought them, hehe, and most of us adults are looking forward to plenty of good food, some time spent with the family - and again, thats how it should be.

Sometimes, occasions like this cause us to introspect and think about just whats important in life. 2014 is almost upon us, and I thought it would be a good time to think over how 2013 went, and how I can make 2014 way better - both in terms of life and fitness.

And so I went for a long, long walk today after my hill climb. No tough climbs, no taking the steps three at a time, no lung busters - nothing of that nature. Just a long, peaceful walk through the woods if you would, enjoying the chirping of the birds, the feeling of the sun on my face - just the feeling of being ALIVE, actually.

In short, being glad for the small things in life. None of us lead a "perfect" life (at least most of us don't), but focusing on the negatives only takes away from the joy that the simple (and usually freely available, if one just looks for it) pleasures in life are what count the most.

Just FYI, I often go for long walks like this - not necessarily for any "cardio" (though walking is good exercise), but more to "chill out". If I'm doing this in the woods, then it's usually to "be at one with Nature" and enjoy some well deserved and much needed solitude - and this time really gets the brain cells working, and contemplating. In fact I've had some of my very best ideas while going on long, peaceful walks - can't beat that for sure!

I thought about my family (not currently here with me - so for those of you that aren't able to see family for Christmas, I completely understand you feel). I thought about my baby girl growing up every day - and my wife working overtime to care for her (quite a task without both parents around, and those of you with kids will understand) - and the sheer joy of seeing baby Shristi grow up in front of her eyes (again, those of you with children know what I'm talking about here).

I thought about how glad I am that my daughter was born healthy - and that both of US (wife and me) are healthy individuals with many years in front of us.

I thought about how I'm "lucky" enough to be in a position to be able to do what I am right now on my own terms. Lucky to have a fantastic following on the site, lucky to have some great friends, lucky to be able to enjoy some simple (but tasty) meals every day. And so forth.

I thought about how I was feeling at peace - and at one with Nature, and how these simple walks really make my day - without any expense or special equipment required (and the fitness benefits are a welcome bonus).

In short - the "simple things in life" (or the "small" things in life). Sure, there are areas of my life I'd love to improve (and will improve) and that holds true for everyone - but sometimes, just sometimes, it's good to just "sit back" and just introspect on a relaxed level if that makes sense.

Anyway - that was what I did today - and I highly recommend you take some time out to introspect as well, be it over the holidays or in the New Year.

And in the meantime, back to fitness - remember that the "small things" add up to a LOT over time. You might just be able to crank out two painful pushups now, but keep at it, and soon you'll be repping out 10, then 20, and even more before you know it.

You might not be able to walk an hour without fatigue, but start with 15 minutes, and build from there, and you will quickly develop your endurance to the point you can walk for MORE than an hour without fatigue!

Remember - DOING something is what counts - and doing something is what will keep the pounds off ya during the holiday season.

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Ok, that's that for now - I'll be back with more fitness tips later! Merry Christmas to all of you again, and here's to a joyous and prosperous 2014!

Very best,

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