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On George Floyd, pent up animosity and more . . .

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(I was going to send out another communication unrelated to what is beneath – but after seeing the madness going on, I felt compelled to write and send THIS).

I’ve always been a brutally outspoken guy, and have never made any apologies about BEING THAT way.

I’ve said it like it is – both to people in person and online, and the vast majority of folks out there probably (as my buddy Michael once told me, hehe) “hate my guts” for doing so.

And yet, the fact is this – there ARE people out there who YES, even in today’s politically correct sissified world believe in SAYING IT LIKE IT IS, and then some.

And so it should be, as it reduces the chances of confrontation later, and as I deal with a personal situation at home with my spouse that is getting increasingly ugly by the day, this point really hits home (as well as what I said about them “balances coming due” as Emerson said . . . and about 2020 truly being the YEAR of the survivor).

I was roundly mocked for making those comments by a certain section of people out there, but I hear crickets chirping very loudly now . . .

Anyway, what happened to George Floyd is just plain wrong . . . but here is a counter point, my friend.

All too  often, the cops are roundly blamed with doing their job – a tough job as it were, and WHY certain things happen in the heat of the moment are either not looked at, or glossed over.

For instance, the surveillance videos do not appear to show the black man (can I even use that term? Hehe – it seems everything is so racially charged these day) resisting arrest, there are also several points in the video where his interactions are NOT shown.

At least, that seems to be the case from what I can tell. If I’m wrong, someone please correct me.

As many know, I went to school wayyyy back in the day in Hattiesburg, MS – and Petal is a city quite close to that.

The Petal Mayor has come out and said

“if he can say he can breathe, then he was breathing”.

A most idiotic statement ever, and I’m not sure if the man is doing his own version of “stirring the pot” (and if that IS the case, it is reprehensible to say the least) - - but he later defended his words by saying he didn’t mean what he said literally . . . and, well, what I said above.

Well, if he didn’t mean to say that – why did he?

The UNJUST death of anyone, black, white or whichever race you look at is a travesty, my friend.

And I’m fully in SUPPORT of a very through investigation into the matter, and taking ACTION against the guilty COP regardless of his COLOR.

But here’s the point.

The cop may be wrong. Agreed (or he may be exonerated later, I don’t know).

Do we simply stoop down to hooliganism and LOOTING on a grand scale to protest something like this??

Does burning down police stations and Target stores in any way bring the man back – or even honor his memory??

Donald Trump was RIGHT when he said “if there’ll be looting, we’ll start the shooting” – because INNOCENT lives and livelihoods are being destroyed in the process.

Anyway, point being, you may ask?

Well, that these sort of hidden animosities, be they racial, or community, or between PEOPLE themselves often fester beneath the surface and it takes nary but a spark to set the FLAMES off (and no, I ain’t saying the man’s death should be glossed over, and if the cop was wrong, then he was WRONG!).

Thing is though ,cops are usually under immense pressure, and . . .  people think what they do for a reason, and ah, but I’m not going to open that Pandora’s box my friend.

All I’ll say is this – honest communication without any sort of bullying or strings attached (and acceptance of whoever is WRONG) is what is needed to move past any sort of disagreement on any sort of scale.

And if brutal honesty ain’t the way to go here, I don’t see what is.

The above may come across as meaningless to most reading, but it  really isn’t, if you think about it.

Anyway, in typically brutally honest style – here is the BEST Damned fitness system on the planet (and yes, it gets RESULTS) –

Go right here, and engage in a workout or two to rid yourself of all the negativity around you, my friend.

It sure IS worth it.


Rahul Mookerjee

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