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More on mass panic . . .

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Dear Reader,

My wife be a TRIPPING. Which isn’t entirely out of the ordinary, but this one really took the cake.

Big time.

HUGE big time.

Apparently one of the neighbors has been hospitalized for . . . guess what.

You guessed it. The COVID-19.

Well . . . not quite.

Apparently they “suspect” the person has COVID, and off she was, whisked off to the hospital while those she is living with are doing the rounds in their neighborhood about “others not stepping out of their houses”.

Even though this person has NOT been CONFIRMED to have the COVID.

I give up, my friend.

I’ve posted a while ago about how FEAR is the biggest enemy of mankind, and the worst virus ever, and yet, the reaction from my wife (and possibly others too if I care to speak to them) when I said this was to be seen to believed.

A hysterical “just who do you think you are? You sit in your own world”, was my wife’s furious response . . .

My own world?

Yes, to an extent to people it seems I “sit in my own world” as I work online. Of course, when the money comes in from that online work its quietly acknowledged as work, and of course, the minute it’s spent it becomes “my own world”  and nothing other than that.

I reiterated the stats etc on this blasted virus.

As well as the fact that it started in mainland China (and YES, it was covered up there) and that YES – despite being right there, I haven’t got the virus.

I don’t know a single person that has it, and friends that know people that have it have ALL reported that the people that have had it have RECOVERED.

And yet, the panic continues. If anything, countries seem to be wanting to get back to full lockdown on a global scale - - India being one prime example, but I’m sure there are others as well.

And what’s next?

Whisking people off to concentration camps because they don’t toe the liberal line? Or any “government espoused line”?

Eroding away of individual liberties even more so than is being done NOW?

Simply getting a case of the sniffles, or what not, and rushing off to the hospital to be admitted because one has COVID-19?

And then when someone points out that the build up of FEAR is steady and insidious and that this FEAR is what is really killing people from the inside out – lambast that person roundly?

What is the world coming to, eh.

I don’t know – but I do know this.

FEAR never helped anyone, my friend.

And if you’re one of the very vast majority out there that is “sitting at home” (curiously enough I’m the one accused of doing that by those doing it on a regular basis themselves) and doing NOTHING at all constructive with your lives other than the latest Netflix re-reuns, soap operas, listening to the B.S. schnews about the virus . . . well, you’d be WAY better served by doing something – and in most cases something PHYSICAL.

Simply yelling at and “threatening to shoot down the messenger” doesn’t work, my friend. It never has.

Cold, hard, LOGIC is often times what needs to be looked at, even though that logic might be painful to acknowledge . . .

Anyway, enough of that.

For more on banishing the fear, negativity, and other insane vibes floating around these days, you need to arm yourself with a good exercise program, my friend.

A DAMN good one, and there is no better than the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Jump on it right HERE, my friend –


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Rise UP, folks! Get rid of the WORST virus of them all, FEAR . . . ah, but wait. I’m in China. I’ve traveled the world. I’ve . . . ah, but what would I know, eh. ?

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