Tuesday, 23 June 2020 16:58

Muscle memory, and more!

Back in 2017, there was a period of many months where I did not climb a single hill (other than steps to my fourth floor apartment at the time, and that don’t count for me, hehe) daily, and did NOT do a single pull-up for MONTHS.


The pull-up champ didn’t do a single pull-up . .. for months!

Neither did the self proclaimed (and rightfully so) hill maniac!

All I did was pushups, squats and bridging.

Exactly the SAME workouts that I teach you in the 0 Excuses Fitness System so yes, everything I teach you and sell has been put through the grinder multiple times FIRST to make sure it WORKS!

As Charless Mitchell a long term customer recently said, “You truly are the real deal!”

Anyway, one fine afternoon I was feeling in the mood for a CHANGE. Big time, at that!

And what was the change?

Well, I wanted a bit of an outdoor workout, and the HILL . . .

And, since I was past 150 pushups, I wanted to do pull-ups.

No biggie I thought. Lets go do ‘em!

Lets go PROVE that pushups do indeed help in building up your pull-up muscles (prove it again, I should say!).

And the results?

Well, surprising in a way, and maybe not in another.

You 0 Excuses Faithful would be expecting me to bang out pull-ups by the dozen the minute I got to the park that day, eh?

Didn’t happen.

In fact, I didn’t do a single pull-up that day.

Curiously enough I gripped the bar and held on for a dead hang LONGER THAN I had before my “break” (extended break!).

Then I tested my one arm hangs.

No problem.

Monkey bars (these truly are a Rahul Mookerjee special, the way I teach you to work out on those!).

Was a bit stiff first,  but no other issues.

And yet, the pull-ups.

I figured I’d take a while to work back up to it.

And yet, within THREE days, NO MORE, I was back at ‘em - - hammering ‘em out in high reps like never before!

Despite my performance on the first day . . .

So muscle memory IS a real thing my friend.

And the hill climbs?

I barely felt it, as before. Hehe.

And while muscle memory is a real thing, it doesn’t mean it’ll all come back instantly, so if you’re in a similar situation - - don’t get frustrated!

Hang in there; if you’ve been doing ‘em before; it WILL come back.

This of course assumes you need to take a break for the first part, and most people do NOT.

I repeat. Most people need to do more - - not less.

The only reason I took a break was the obvious; to test out the System fully before it’s release, and boy did it go well.

Astoundingly well, and like a house on fire, and everything else you can think of!

And on that note, I’m out. That’s today’s tip; take it or leave it!


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – A certain person on LinkedIn asked me “not to talk about politics” and “do it at home” if I wanted to. Um, sorry, but NO sorry - - I WILL Talk about politics if I want, and yes, I AM qualified to talk about more topics than just fitness. Curious though how most of the nay saying seems to come from those that do not agree with the political viewpoints I post (when I do). Folks – there is something called debate! . . . for a REASON. A very good reason at that!