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Saturday, 11 July 2020 12:39

Whats the best way to please Rahu

For once, the missing “L” is not a typo, heh.

And for once, I’m at a loss to explain just what the heck “Rahu is”.

I know what sun signs are, but Rahu takes sun signs to a whole new level altogether. My wife keeps talking about it, and to be honest there might be something to it (ancient Indian beliefs usually have some sort of logic behind them; remember, India was the first place all those years ago where civilization was actually discovered).

Long before Mr. Columbus discovered the good old US of A, or before the Brits discovered the jewel in the crown apparently.

Harappa and Mohenjo-Daro from what I remember in History classes.

One of the few classes I DID attend, hehe.

Every night before bed, my daughter asks me to regale her with stories of my school days.

And I do . . .

“Papa, which classes did you attend”

Stock question, and one she never tires of asking, and one I never tire of answering.

“History, Math . . . and that’s about it”.

“Not English????”

“Never! My own English was better than my English teacher’s at school, therefore . . . “

Giggle, giggle.

“Did you bunk class and go to the movies when you were supposed to be in school?”

(Bunk class is an uniquely British way of saying “cut class”, hehe).

And I did, but being I went to them naughty 18+ movies (when I was WELL under 18), “morning shows” as they called ‘em, I didn’t want to tell my 6 year old any further details of that!

Those were the days. Pre multiplex. Big ass movie theaters with one giant screen, and the closer you got to the top the better.

Or maybe the bottom rows, if you were a rowdy. Or so they said. Apparently the “bottom rowers” were the rowdies, and I’ve sat in both, and . . .

Anyway, back to Rahu, HERE is where you can learn more about it if interested -

And I don’t know why, but computers seem to KNOW what we’re thinking and can PREDICT what we’re going to search for even before we do it.

It’s uncanny. Every time I THINK of something, and then fire up Firefox or whatever on the phone, before I type it in, it’s THERE.

And no doubt this has got something to do with past searches etc, but still. ‘Tis uncanny!

And this morning, I received an email from “Quora” (which I have NOT signed up for).

“How to make Rahu happy”.

And of course, the usual concoction of remedies was provided (FWIW, I don’t really believe in sun signs and all that). . .

Anyway, it was weird, as I kept reading it as “Rahul”.

(Lesson for you typo monsters who keep emailing me back about my typos!)

And along with THIS little bit that I received on my Twitter account yesterday (in response to the “inspiring 100’s post)

“Always happy to make great motivators like you happy! People need people like YOU to keep pushing them forward. Whenever I’m low or lose my focus, I look up to motivational speakers like many others Hope you keep growing and glowing.”

So, what DOES it take to keep me happy?

Keep Rahul happy?

Well, not much.

A laptop. A mobile phone. And a steady Internet connection . . .

A reliable WEB HOST (I cannot tell you how glad I am to have found THIS web host that I am using now. It was an absolute nightmare with the last one. Not just lost sales etc due to site downtime, but a slight dip in Google rankings etc I suspect. Anyway, all over now).

(Believe me, if I told you the stories of the last web host, you would NOT believe it. I have a new web host I am communicating with me right now in terms of moving the “other business” over, and they termed it as “simply outrageous”. And theyre RIGHT).

Plenty of Chinese tea. Plenty of cold ones (occasionally).

And . . . my man cave where I can be left alone, write my emails, create my product, write my books, do my thang, repeat, ad infinitum.

And of course, space to workout WITHOUT a bunch of morons showing up to pester me - - which given my workout routines doesn’t take a lot of space at all, hehe.

So that’s how to “please Rahul” (and NO, it’s NOT what you’re thinking when I say that, hehe)

And of course, by keeping it real – and keeping it CHALLENGING (kudos Charles!) – and keeping on keeping on DAY AFTER DAY, week after week, year after year!

By keeping an end goal in mind and doing what it is or takes to get there.

Being unafraid to speak your mind on whatever.

Being BOLD and UNAPOLOGETIC about your OWN views, and NOT being shy to express ‘em.

And of course, staying in shape no matter what.

And I think I just gave you the 7 or perhaps more fundamentals of true success right there.

Alright, my friend. That’s it for now. Back again soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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