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On black lives matter, and MORE!

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This is sure to be a very contentious issue, but so be it.

I did up a Medium piece on this a while ago, if you’re interested (well, when this madness all started), but as it shows NO sign of abating, I just had to write about this again.

I also did up a piece on why I do NOT support historical statues being defaced or historical names of places etc being changed just for this . . . (yes, Prez Trump is RIGHT ON that!).

After I saw a link which said the London Metropolitan Police have been forced to apologize (or urged, depending upon what source you read) for an officer allegedly pinning a man to the ground in the exact same manner as George Floyd was.

With a knee on his neck . . . for a sum total of 15 seconds, after which he let go (thankfully).

The “suspect” seems to be alright.

Full details still have not come out on this, but recently the same police was apparently criticized for stopping a black couple and handcuffing them in front of their three year old kid.

While I don’t know the specifics of case 1 and am therefore loathe to comment, it IS known that case #2 hardly involved “blacks that are prone to causing trouble”. A well known sprinter was the female half if I recall correctly, and the male half was not a hoodlum on the roads either (and that should have been obvious).

Anyway, my point?

Is that first off, NO, I do NOT support the widespread looting that is going on in the name of “eradicating racism” and “black lives matter”.

Not just looting. Organized thuggery and domestic terrorism is what I’d call it. Is this how one is supposed to protest?

President Trump is dead on right sending the Feds into Portland, for one. He should have done it earlier in my opinion.

And as Herschel Walker recently said, those that suggest police departments be defunded (the most ridiculous demand ever made by the left according to me) should be sent to those very same places.

Lets see how long they survive in an environment of crime without crying “Uncle”.

And most importantly, not all black people are thugs looking for trouble and not all white people are “racists”.

Simple as that.

In 2017, an University in LA or someplace I believe tweeted about “are you dreaming of a white campus”.

All they meant was “snow covering the campus”.

But the backlash that followed, my, my my. You should have seen it!

Anyway, that isn’t the point.

Point being, that despite what I’ve said above, YES, the CORE of the movement itself DOES have a certain amount of legitimacy.

Is there still racism in the world?


To the extent people depict?

Well, that is debatable - - and I cannot say either way because a person’s honest personal experiences have a lot to do with it.

Yours truly hasn’t really, apart from a few incidents really been on the brunt of any of this.

But there are black people – SUCCESFUL BLACK PEOPLE – NOT the thugs – that HAVE.

Makhaya Ntini,  South African cricketing legend recently came out with the “no-one knocked on my door for dinner” statement as did Ashwell Prince.

A while back, the mercurial Herschelle Gibbs came out with a similar statement against another cricketing legend from SA, Graeme Smith, claiming there was a “white clique in the team” and if you weren’t part of it, well . . .

Jason Holder, a man who I respect immensely has come out about it.

Darren Sammy has too about the racist nicknames used in India of all places in the IPL about it.

Now, these are all cricketing examples. But if you dig beneath the scenes, you’ll find plenty of claims of racism from people that DO NOT SUPPORT the madness going on.

Black people.

YES, it’s a problem that needs to be eradicated.

And the core of it, I Really, really believe that COMMUNICATION is the way to go.

Honest, open communication without fear of reprisal.

And this communication can only happen once stereotypes etc are let go of - - permanently.

Might be hard to do, and might still happen sometimes, but for the most part.

When yours truly sees a black person, what do I think?

That he’s “black”.

But that’s it.

Maybe I’ll notice his build, if he’s bigger than average.

Maybe I’ll notice the hair.

Maybe I’ll notice his accent (well, I would!).

But I’d do that with ANYONE.

I saw a white dude playing basketball out there last night, and my first thoughts were along the lines of “where is he from”.

But that’s it.

Unfortunately, from what it seems, that is NOT what the average person out there thinks of ANY Race.

The whites think all blacks are thugs (stereotypes).

The blacks think whites are all jackboot wearing racists (stereotype).

And yet, if one sits down beyond all the madness, and TALKS, guess what,

A lot of those preconcienved notions fly straight out of the window, to be replaced by FRIENDSHIP.

Communication, my friend, is truly what it’s all about in my opinion.

All lives do matter. Regardless of color!

So please stop the madness going on, and lets get back to the business of living is what I’d say.

Just one person’s opinion, but that’s how I I feel, and I “showl” will say it, hehe.


Rahul Mookerjee

P.S. – Yup, this ain’t got nothing to do with fitness. For those that get ticked off at that, as I said this morning on the other site, the unsubscribe link is right here! Hehe.

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