Sunday, 20 September 2020 15:30

Why I CATEGORICALLY refuse to sell to, do business with, or enable bottom feeders . . .

This one may come across as a bit of a strange one to write about, but it’s really not.

And other than the obvious “well, bottom feeders suck, so you obviously shouldn’t be enabling them”, there are other reasons behind this.

Reasons I, after chatting with my friend Charles the other day would have told him but being he’d just ignore it (or he’d “listen, but wouldn’t hear” if you get “Alonzo Harris’s drift”, hehe), I’m saying it HERE!

To you guys, and indeed it holds as true for business and life as it does fitness.

So, some of you might remember Wacko Glyn.

The same wacko who made threats against me a while back, is (and has been on) on drugs for God knows how long, usually lives on either welfare or charity, and has stolen money from about a dozen different folks.

And “borrowed” from even more, with no intention to return it.

He currently owes my buddy money for flying him back (very gracious of Charles I must say, after all that’s transpired, but silly as well) from the Philippines where he fled after he was booted from China and apparently Hong Kong too.

(And don’t even get me started on the guy’s personal life, his weird fetishes etc. Hey, nothing wrong with a fetish if you have one, but judging by the number of women that came up to me and showed me screenshots etc of this dude literally pestering them up and down for related rubbish, I have just one thing to say – LOSER. With a capital L, and the rest too. Hehe). 

The same dude who even Hannibal Lecter (fictional obviously) would be leery of sharing a cell with, and even the mental facilities in Baltimore Maryland (I don’t know if that part was finctional! ?) would probably balk at accepting him.

Hey, there’s a limit to “bravery”. Or insanity . . . and associating with said wacko in any way, shape or form is just INSANE.

I’d rather run for the hills! Hehe. Which I’d rather do anyway of course, preferably in a sprint! ?

And enabling the dude’s lunacy takes it to a different level altogether.

Here’s how it usually goes down.

Dude wants help. Charles helps him.

Dude says thanks.

Few weeks later, he turns into the scorpion that bit the frog, and HOW.

Charles vows to “never help him again” as does his girlfriend (don’t get me started on that one, hehe).

And dude shows up sniveling a few weeks later, and apparently gains “sympathy” from the duo above.

“He’s turned over a new leaf”, they think. If there is one thing these sociapth types are good at it it’s making others think they’re “normal” and “turned over a new leaf”. Look at Ted Bundy for one, and you’d hardly think a maniac lay within!

Or Lecter in the movie . . . a cultured doctor outwardly . . .

. . . And while I ain’t saying above nutter is a cannibal or even a murderer he’s the “non violent” equivalent of the above.

Anyway, after the sympathy he’s gained, he needs help again.

OK, one last time they think.

They send him cash.

Which he blows.

On . . . well, we went there!

And round and round goes the merry go round my friend.

Now, there’s not much I can do if people continue to enable bottom feeders like this wackjob, and believe me, he isn’t the only looney tune running around there. Tons of them out there!

But I Can tell you this.

Anytime youre doing business, as my friend Dwayne said, there’ll be someone tryuing to put their hands into your pocket.

And (as your favorite fitness guru says, hehe) it’s usually a bottom feeder.

The kind that trawls the internet all day long looking for free or cheap stuff as opposed to paying for quality info and implementing it, and being done with it . . .

The kind that leaves idiotic reviews because “the information wasn’t worth what he paid for it”.

Yeah. Right. While my books ARE PRICEY, and while I DO NOT and never WILL offer any discounts (unless circumstances warrant it), the info in there is worth every penny and then some in gold.

And those that truly get it KNOW what I BE Talking about.

More than this though, the bottom feeders waste your time. And energy.

Bazillions of emails. Meaningless rants. Idiotic messages (in the case of nutzo above). And all the lot.

All in all, a massive DRAIN and drag me down.

And in business, you do NOT want to be associated with someone like that, and neither do you in life.

And there endeth “this particular sermon”, as they say.

As “Father Rahul” says, hehe (kidding).

Kiddin aside, if you have someone in YOUR life like this, write back and let me know – let US know – and we’ll give you advice on how NOT to enable him or her, if you are!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – I have always had a policy of NOT helping those who refuse to help themselves. And that’s why I keep telling people, simply investing in the product won’t get the job done my friend. YES, you do need to invest, but that’s the first step. Getting off your ass, and DOING what is said therein is the next and most important step. And if you’re not willing to put in the hard yards, well, you might as well NOT invest in my products. I only want people that are dead serious about fitness, and not the lookie lous, bottom feeders, time wasters and such. Sorry if that offends, but ‘tis TRUE, my friend. It’s true!