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When that SHOE starts to PINCH . . .

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Its interesting isn’t it?

The number of people willing to sacrifice their TRUE values and beliefs, and NOT say it like it is, not necessarily because they’re scared of any reprisals (or not) -  but because of the almighty DOLLAR?


Or Rupee. Or Rupiah. Or pound (ah, but we’ll get to that part later! ?).

Reminds me of a time when my “dear” Dad told me the following.

“Rahul, it’s great you’re honest and say it like is, even so, brutal honesty needs to be tempered with a modicum of practicality!”

Now, these are my words. He used the word “white lie” . . .and to give you some background don this, yours truly was working a job in the Middle East at the time.

And at a certain point, yours truly was blamed roundly up and down for sending an email he never did (actually, for “instigating” the sending of that email even though they knew I didn’t send it – don’t ask!).

And for not castigating the sender of the email, and apologizing on my behalf.

And for (most importantly) brazenly (according to them at least – boy, if they knew me NOW!!) denying I had anything to do with it.

Because I didn’t.

It was the truth.

Cost me the job in the end, because that was the point relations deteriorated big time.

Loss of face, and what not but anyway, point being this.

I have always been this way my friend.

A customer Jason who I’ve written about befofe emailed me recently telling me much the same thing.


I love your daily emails, and admire your frankness. However, my sincere advice to you (and please do not take it the wrong way) is to tone it down occasionally, especially the politics. You never know who may get ticked off!”

(and not buy your products is what he didn’t say, but meant, and before y’all reading this start, he’s a Gorilla Grip customer, and has nothing but GREAT things to say about not just that one initial course, but the entire series).

Now, I guess I could put a call to action here but I won’t .

Instead, back to my response.

I’ve always been this way my friend.

I could care LESS if that approach costs me dollars, pennies, or makes me the same.

I was the same way when I barely had two cents to rub together (or dimes) – and I’m the same now.

Ain’t nothing changed bro.

Like I wrote about a while ago, my values are what I care about and standing up for, and doing the RIGHT THING, and I WILL Go to the ends of the world to say things to that extent. Regardless of business lost/gained.

End of the day, when we “go”, as I recently was chatting with Charles (Mitchell) about, all we have is a satisfaction of having made a difference by doing the right thing! At least, that’s how yours truly views it.

And on that note . . .

I get this same sort of thing a lot of time when I write my posts on China and the CCP.

And I gotta say this my friend.

Tom Tomming (I seem to have patented the word! ?) – and TRUE support are about as different and unique from each other as bread from meat.

Oil and water.

And so forth.

They do NOT mix.

Not even a little. No overlap. No congruence.


Wei Shenmo, some may ask.

Well, because . . . but before I get into that, let me say (or point out) something.

Ever notice that most, if not ALL the China tom tommers (actually, ALL) that praise the current Chinese regime up and down, and say (either literally or figuratively) that it can do NO harm, wants peace, never spread the China plague, and most certainly does NOT want war with any country, and never ever entertained any thoughts of global dominance, never does any wrong in Tibet and Xinjiang, and so forth, and well . . . you get the drift, but (and I know, this is long!) ever notice these guys all have MONEY (business) interests involved?

Like Donald Trump recently said in his rally at PA (and he’s damn right as usual).

“Russia, Russia, Russia, that’s all you hear about. But they ignore the real threat, China. No-one says a word about China. They all have their little deals going on”

(And yes, the She She Pee did take care to become that octopus with tentacles of many forms, shapes and guises as opposed to the erstwhile Soviet Union, but they’ve forgotten that its fairly simple to chop off the head of an octopus or snake if you know how! ?).

Usually people that are scared that China is their only option and they best not alienate it.

Or loser “ESL” teachers whose only option back home is public welfare, shared housing and the like . . .

Hey, don’t get me wrong. If you’re a GENUINE teacher there, so be it, but you wouldn’t fall into the tom tomming category then anyway (a past supervisor of mine comes to mind – a true business person but I’ll let it be for now).

You’d be either silent or joining me in approval. Probably the former, and that I can handle.

Hey, no sense upsetting the apple cart eh.

But the tom tomming is what I Can’t stand, and it’s usually losers from some of the above categories that do it the most.

A certain “Wacko Scholfield “comes to mind and on that note . . .

Dude, look.

Let me be flat out honest.

I care not if you’ve got no work in your life other than making racist memes of myself and spreading them over the place, or stealing money from women (who have likely filed yet more police complaints against you) and then claiming myself or someone else was in bed with them, doing drugs, going off the rails every so often, and of course haunting the Internet to make up for lost time when you were locked away in god only knows which jail or looney tune bin.

Probably the latter, I suspect (although I DO remember you jumping bail . . . ).  .  .

But really.

I care NOT. I could care less, to be honest.

I could care less if you badger Charles up and down with 200 plus messages daily with “new names for yours truly” to add on to the burgeoning and rapidly so 650 plus “uncomplimentary names” list.

Hey, I will even stand for your right to be a loser, and do so openly. Honestly! ?

But what I can’t handle is you bring a ROYAL (sic? In more ways than one! Hehe) PEST.

Yes, you heard me.

If you’ll stop being a PEST, I might, might (emphasis) just do what you’ve been hankering after all this while (and since you’re no doubt glued to the screen waiting for my next dispatch, I figured I’d say it here).

That’s my only request, or demand. Take it or leave. It. That’s how it’s going ot be my friend. If you pester me, you’ll get called out. Don’t, and you’re free to spread your filth to other like minded folks. You won’t hear a peep outta me!

Even during your tom tomming and posting about me on your WeShat moments (I mean, dude, really. We all know you need attention, but that sort of thing is just pathetic, like asking someone to do your dirty work for YOU because you’re too much of a pussy to do so yourself). . .

Anyway, where was I before I got into that rant.

The difference between truly supporting something or a country or someone, and tom tomming.

REAL support involves an honest and open appraisal/analysis of strengths and weaknesses.

(and saying “China can do no wrong” because you might not get that ESL job or the purse strings from your Chinese S.O. doesn’t count my friend).

Everyone has ‘em. Both.

As my wife recently said during an argument of sorts,

“No-one is right all the time”.

She wasn’t referring to me, but she’s right. Spot on. Dead right!

I don’t care if it’s me, Jesus, Buddha, Allah, the Pope, or Donald Trump, “to err is human”
 and no-one is right all the time.

Least of all the CCP.

Those that truly care about the country (yours truly, and MANY OTHER CHINESE!) are pointing out the obvious flaws, shortcomings and debacles the CCP is getting the country into for their own selfish interests (not to mention become the Chinese equivalent of Nazi Germany).

Those that truly want the country to do well and have a soft spot for it (might sound amazing, but I love the PEOPLE of China!) will always be HONEST about the country and it’s dealings.

And of course, we all know what happens to said people.

Jail time and reprimands. More of the former than the latter, I gotta say.

(and yes, this list of people, at least the Chinese bunch includes people that are by all angles SUCCESFUL and do not, I repeat, NOT, fall into the “financially insecure” category).

In fact they fall into the “Very financially secure so long as they don’t say nothing bad about the PRC” category.

And yet they say it, because they CARE.

THAT, my friend, is the difference!

Now, politics aside, fitness you ask.

Well, the same damned thing applies.

Those that pooh pooh and rubbish bodyweight exercises in favor of booybuilding – are guess what.

The very people that CANNOT do the bodyweight exercises!

Be those either pull-ups, pushups, or handstand pushups (just to name a few off the top of my head).

Especially pull-ups and handstand pushups, which is a combo guaran-damn-teed to turn you into a bonafide ANIMAL, a RUMPUS KICKING one at that very quickly!

So says Mr Handstand pushup, and anyone that’s acutally done the thing.

Or those that claim “gyms are essential”! (usually you’ll see these folks handing out memberships to others as well . . . ).

And so forth.

Anyway, this has gone on for long enough, so I’ll stop here. On yet another note, someone recently messaged me and asked me about “doing that one thing that NO-ONE, not even your most ardent detractors can criticize you for” (something I wrote about a coupla weeks ago).

Apparently she can’t find her “sweet spot”, and that’s fine. Happens. But this one is already too long, so wait for me to do up another piece on that which I will shortly.

And that, my friend, truly ist hat.

Onward, upward, and BETTER!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Handstand pushup look cool don’t they? Wouldn’t it be cool for you to be called Mr. HandStand Pushup or BETTER some day? An Animal? BEAST? I bet it would, and yes, you gym goers want it the most – I can tell! ? Anyway here is the course that will get cranking out handstands and handstand pushups like there’s no tomorrow – Shoulders like BOULDERS. Jump aboard if you truly choose – and if you’re truly serious (no bitching and moaning or pissing and groaning about price please; I ain’t interested!).

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