Thursday, 01 October 2020 07:34

Is the grip the most important thing after breathing?

And genetics, and pull-ups and more, but hang on!

My answer to that question?

Well, in terms of exercise – hell yes, and then some.

I’ve made NO secret of the fact that grip and leg training (and I mean REAL training) is what most of the “bruhs” in the gym and pumpers/toners avoid.

Because it’s HARD, HARD work.

It’s REAL work.

As opposed to silly little girly “on your knees pushups” and “pull-ups with legs on bar or what not” . . .

And it builds REAL MEN .REAL strength.

Grip, neck, leg and back work – and funnily enough, most of those can be done with one or two exercises if you really know what you’re doing . . .

. . . Anyway, where was I?

Ah yes, the grip.

Well, so this morning as I sent Charles my friend a “thank you note” for the feedback he sent me he sent me that little gem amongst others.

Another being that apparently Mike Tyson did bridging (huh?? News to me “bro” – he did HEAVY SHRUGS!) and apparently it screwed his neck up.


Lets pause a minute here.

Bridging, my friend, is one of the best overall exercises you can do. Not just for your neck. The entire BODY.

And if you think bridging just “focuses” on their neck, well you’re wrong.

Bridging is the BEST DAMNED exercise that EVERYDAY people CAN and SHOULD DO!

From lower back pain being gone to stronger and more flexible traps – to better GRIP strength – a far healthier back overall – not to mention ROCK SOLID ABS – the benefits of the bridge are second to none, and there is a reason it’s one of the “big three” in 0 Excuses Fitness, and why wrestlers all over the world for one do them as a mainstay.

But wait.

I thought he was a wrestler (my friend).

But from what he tells me today “American football was my job. Never really got into wrestling seriously”.

And according to him “neck bridging was their thing”.

And then the Tyson quote. Hmm! Enough said, fellas?

Anyway, he then went off on a tangent about “genetics”.

The usual excuse which most fat folks give me and those that are too lazy to buckle down to BRASS TACKS, BRAVE THE HURTING and (sorry Chuck, hehe) – JUST DO IT!

Just do it. No excuses BAR NONE!

There’s a reason why that is the tagline on my FIRST product, the 0 Excuses Fitness System, replete with results and testimonials of all natures, from folks from all walks of life.

Anyway, this all started off with him saying “he’s still working on his pull-up, and is doing the assisted stuff”, and so forth.


All I did was mention a comment about his weak grip (he has a very weak grip) and how the grip and lats are really what need to be focused upon while doing pull-ups - - not the biceps, or shoulders for that matter.

And that of course led up to a discussion about the greats.

Herschel Walker. Walter Peyton. When these guys ran sprints with tyres around their waists for one, they didn’t just up and “sit around for hours and think”.

They just did it!

“But he has great genetics”, my friend wailed. “He’s at least 75 lbs bigger than you!”

75? I’d say 150. So is my buddy from the Marines, for that matter. I once joked about borrowing a sweat shirt from him and saying “5 of me would fit in it”.

“I’m not that big, Rahul!”

A real man, and a good man! And one that’s truly BEEN THERE AND DONE THAT.

Anyway, here is what I told Charles.

“Sorry, “brah”. Excuses don’t fly. I’ve got the shittiest genetics you could think of, and . . . “

Enough said eh.

OF course, he ignored that bit. It’s interesting, this “selective reading/listening” thang a lot of folks employ when they hear stuff they know is true, but don’t “want” to hear eh. ?

Anyway, where was I before I went all over the place as usual.

Ah yes. GRIP.

And yes, GRIP DOES COME INTO PLAY in real life my friend. Anyone that says it doesn’t is just sticking their head in the sand (a certain group I refer to as “tom tommers and leftos” comes to mind, but hey, so be it!).

As for the new signs up that don’t know why, check out the blog, or watch this space. I’ll be writing soon – again – although I did over the past few days as to why grip training is really what you need to be working on, not the silly “pecs” and show muscles.

More on that soon!

For now, be sure to check out the Gorilla Grip compilation right HERE, my friend. It’ll make a MAN out of you – that’s for sure!


Rahu lMookerjee

PS – HERE is where you can grab the course on pull-ups (and no, pull-ups with your legs on a bar ain’t the best way to get started. Dead hangs are, bro. Feel that pain!) – Pull-ups - - From DUD to STUD within a matter of weeks (why did I name it that way, and why do I say the vast majority of people out there cannot do a single pull-up or even hang on to  a chinning bar for any length of time? Self explanatory, me thinks, hehe).

PS #2 – And if you want to continue pumping and toning at the “gym shym” , then go for it. I’m here to support your right to do it, but please do stay far away from my products – they’re NOT For you!

PPS – We had a great conversation. Unfortunately Charles had to end off with (one of his pet topics apparently and favorite people) a rant from “Bozo Glyn” whose probably high on something or the other as we speak. And despite me literally begging him not to enable losers, he continues to do so. Ah well. Can’t have it all, eh. ?