Saturday, 03 October 2020 12:51

The recruitment riddle my wife once posed . . .

Or I should say one of her candidates was asked, and being the bozo couldn’t answer a simple ‘un like that, she posed it to me, and I answered it, and . . .

Ah, but wait a minute.

Let me back up.

I don’t know if I’ve mentioned it before, but my wife’s a recruitment agent. Both full time and part time, mostly part time now from what I gather, but I’m not really sure.

But I AM sure on the “what she does part”.

As opposed to what she says when people ask her “what I do”.

“I have no idea”, she says. “Honestly!”

And then the other day (to me). “I wonder how much you write about me!”

Well my dear, lovely, other half probably doesn’t know how much I write about her. Quite literally and not just here. On other sites as well, other businesses, and . . . ?

And she doesn’t know what I do either in that regard.

Sometimes, certain “Secrets” are best kept, even if they’re OPEN ONES!

Ok, salaciousness aside, whats up you ask.

Well, this.

“If an ant walks three miles up a wall (hypothetically) in one hour, and goes down two in another, then how long would it take to walk ten miles?”

(The question was posed in Hindi, of course, being the candidate was in India and being her language of choice is, well, Hindi, and being she thinks . .  ah, but we’ll get there. Hehe).

And this was a while back, I think, but I still remember answering promptly.

And No, I’m not going to reveal the answer here, but apparently the candidate got this wrong.

And was dumped.

Funny thing, memories . . .

I once remember (when Imet my wife) her asking me to “be formal and act professional in a job interview”.

For reference, she called me out of the blue (I was at the job before THAT Job at the time! ?) and told me the following (when I told her I was NOT going to wear anything but jeans, and that was that”).

“Rahul, come on! How can you even say that! Do you realize what a huge company you’re going to walk into?”

(again, paraphrasing)

“Uh . . . “( I was about to tell her I could give a rats ass less, and the only reason I was talking to her about it was, well, HER but hey . . . )

“No ifs and buts!”

And that was that.

Of course, I didtn get the job.

And of course, it was a job where she just sent me without reading my CV at all.

When I quizzed her about it and the fact the job was as much a fit for me as supporting Joe Biden currently is (NOT!! Ugh!), of course, no answer.

Gotta love them recruiters, hehe. Most about as useful workwise as a screen door on a submarine, especially if they’re ESL recruiters, which thankfully my wife refuses to deal with, period (smart girl – I don’t blame her one damn bit either ?).

Anyway, just where was I and what was I gonna tell you.

That both this and what she (apparently, if I heard right) tells my “siesta loving” lovely daughter (who loves to sit over meals for hours forking at her food, much like they do in Spain for one – or did, pre China plague anyway) have a parallel to fitness.

“The brain sends a signal to the body in 20 minutes that it’s full, and if you don’t eat before that!”

She trailed off (again, if I’ve got this right).


At least it’s better than what “Twinkle” Khanna married to the famous Indian actor Akshay Kumar told her kid apparently (who was the same).

“The butcher will cut your fingers off and fry them!”

Ugh. Now is that what you really want to tell a kid?

And no I ain’t lying either. Google, and you’ll see (and her husband’s response to it too, hehe, and can’t say I blame the dude!).

Anyway, point of this ramble?

Is to do things FAST my friend.

And do them the right way.

In terms of fitness, way too many people get on pushups, for instance.

They get good at ‘em.

Start cranking them out like there’s no tomorrow.

People comment.

With jealousy usually (well, jealousy and a mixture of “how dare he! I can’t!” – kinda like the CCP right about now . . . ).

And of course, the comments come in thick and fast.

“You’re skinny!”

“Pushups do nothing for overall strength” (usually from people who can’t do a single one in proper form, and I ain’t talking handstand pushup either!)

And pretty much soon, he decides to mix (back) in boobybuilding with GOOD stuff.

Two steps back my friend.

Don’t be one of those people. Get on the GRAVY train, and STAY on it!

And do things FAST.

100 pushups done RIGHt should take you NO LONGER than 12-13 minutes, preferably 9 my friend.

And you can see proof of this in the 250 pushup workout I take you through in the 0 Excuses Fitness videos. Hey, I even throw in bridging and handstands at the end of it for good measure, though the book doesn’t really cover the latter, and yet, total filming time as the lovely and redoubtable Miss Cindy would tell me, less than 25 minutes tops!

And that’s how it is with life too.

Keep moving ahead. No regrets.

Do the right thing.

If you screw up, so what. Who careS!

IT’s about the steps you take forward, not necessarily those you take backward.

Last, but not least, remember what I once wrote about, and what the great Vince Mc MacMahon had to say on this.

“sometimes, in order to take one step ahead, you gotta move THREE backwards”.

And that, my friend, is the final spanner and monkey wrench into all this. I’ll have more on that too soon!


Rahu lMookerjee

PS – Pushup Central is truly the very best in terms of conditioning there is, my friend. Pushups will WHIP them saggy butts into shape like there AIN’T no tomorrow! Get on the gravy train right NOW, right HERE! , BOYO! Hurry, my friend. Time waits for no-one, and it ain’t gonna wait for YOU EITHER. Invest NOW. And be prepared to be GOBSMACKED. IT really IS that damn good, the best (and your FAVORITE) course ever on the mighty and one and only PUSHUP, and I challenge you to find one better on pushups on it ANYWHERE on the Internet!  

PS #2 – and I just remembered. ESL, and recruiters. I wrote a lovely story on that back in 2014 I believe, the protagonist being a certain Jessie, and a fat, unfit yours truly. What exactly was that about you ask? Wel l- stay tuned – will reveal all shortly!