Monday, 05 October 2020 07:24

On my fitness programs being “hardly” pathbreaking, beached whales teaching yoga, and more . . .

One of the comments in the lengthy rants I recently received to a post about pull-ups - - and one I did not address as yet is this.

“Your fitness info is hardly pathbreaking!”

Now, for context, the rants were LONG. Drunken rants that came straight from the heart, and while I thanked the poster for his thoughts, I will say this – a chuckle or two (or more) escaped me at the inanity of it all and the hidden point of it all (NOT exercise related) that he was and is still completely missing . . .

. . . which led to two emails of course, lengthy ones.

Andt hose are posted on the blogs for posterity’s sake . . . do a search and you’ll find ‘em. My dips yesterday after a loooong time have left my chest fibers extra sore, so I’m going to be lazy in this regard for once andnot post links etc!

But really.

Most people that are “slim and skinny” or eeven “in shape” can’t do a single pull-up, my friend. It wouldn’t be exaggerating to say that the vast majority of adult men and practically ALL The pumpers and toners and so called one rep weight pounders couldn’t even begin to hang on to the pull-up bar for any length of time.

And they’d probably tear a tricep or worse if they tried a pull-up.

Weight loss is an issue for most people out there. For years for some!

Despite being told how to lose weight most people CANNOT do so in the manner they’d really, really like.

Let’s face it, bro. We all want that V taper and “chiseled look”. That “packed” chest. That back that gives of the impression of doing one pull-up after other (as Marc told me “that V shape to your back”!).

And it’s when we can’t get it (because we’re either too LAZY or just don’t know how) that the comments come in thick and fast, and here’s an honest and straight from the heart FACT.

I enjoy ‘em all, so please DO keep ‘em coming!

But really. Not pathbreaking? Losing kgs of weight in a single day, often times hours after a workout - - not pathbreaking? Especially when being on a diet that most would consider AWFUL . . .

I guess not for the nutzos out there who’ll find any excuse to justify their “slobbenneess”.

Is that even a word. Hehe.

Anyway, point of all this?

Well, one is obvious.

And the second is this – I’ve been seeing (over the past few months) a rash of bozos that have been parading around town as “fitness experts” (and for whatever reason, teaching “yoga for weight loss”).

Well, first thing you know, yoga ain’t all it’s touted to be, and I’ve written about that before, and certainly NOT for weight loss.

Second, and more importantly, the people doing it are FAT.

I mean, big time fat in many cases.

I’ve been watching a few vidoes my wife and daughter have been sending me of my daughter’s online “exercise class”.

And the one I watched this morning?

Jesus Jumping Christ on a Pogo Stick is all I can say.

Now, the dude who normally does it (or did it apparently) wasn’t exactly the fittest by any yardstick.

Had a belly poking out under the massive T shirt he wore, and man boobs down to his belly button. . .

But he looks positively skinny in comparison to this latest specimen that is apparently doing the kids “exercise” class.

(replete with “kids, don’t forget the water”! – much like you hear in the gyms with idiotic personal trainers massaging their clients shoulders after sets of reps with pinky dumbells and “cautioning” them to keep their latte or water or what not filled as they “jog on the old man mill (treadmill)”.)

I mean, its so stupid to start with, but the lady herself?

To call her a beached whale would be doing the goddamn whale a disservice my friend.


Pure, unadulterated LARD!

And a backside that (as she was doing the upward and downward dog, or struggling to) would make those of you that love ‘em big PROUD (or other things).

I mean, really folks.

There’s no reason to be artificially thin or what not. And if you’re fat or somewhat fat and can do things normal people cannot, then by all means FLAUNT it (if you so choose).

But when you’re teaching kids yoga or what not, the least you can do is to a) stay in some sort of shape yourself as opposed to looking like a hog more than a fitness teacher and b) actually be able to DO said exercises yourself!

Putting this in context (yet again) . . .

Sure, a military general doesn’t need to be in top shape like his soldiers do. That’s not his job!

But he doesn’t need to be a slob either!

Ditto for ALL teachers of any nature, shape or form.

And as I almost throw up my tea as I think about the video sent to me, and say “Jesus, Joseph and Mary” (really, I ain’t a religious person, don’t believe in religion, but THAT was what came to mind when I first saw the lady teaching) . . . I feel compelled to write this.

Take this for what you may, hehe. Up to you!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – And that’s why I INSIST on taking pictures, once, twice, and sometimes thrice for my books. One, to SHOW you how it’s done, and two to show you that yours truly can do ‘em too, at all weights at that. Sometimes (and I’ve said this before) the books take longer to put out because I have to redo many of the pictures, but it’s all worth it! Pushup Central took forever to get out, for one, but it was so worth it!