Wednesday, 07 October 2020 14:19

Hump Day training, and more on the 50% training I wrote about in the last email

So, it BE Wednesday in this here neck of the woods wher eI’m at.

And it BE  a great, great day. Some call it Hump Day.

And probably rightfully so in more ways than one given what I just got done doing, and no, before you ask, neither is the training nor what I just got done part of what you’re thinking, or anywhere near it.

My other list on the other sites may think something in that regard, and they’d be RIGHT. ?

But here’s the point.

What I said above is one of the best visualization techniques ever, especially if you’re doing tough workouts.

And WILL catapult your results through the ROOF, my friend.

Lets say you’re embarking on a tough tough workout (for you, lets say) of 100 pushups.

Your previous best was 50 in one workout, and that was ONE Time . . .

So you’re aiming at 100.

You get to 30.

The fatigue kicks in. The sweat drips off your brow. And you think about quitting.

“OK, lets just make it to 50. Then we’ll see!”

And yet, a better way of looking at this is as follows.

“I’ve made it to 50! That’s half out of the way!”

Way back in the day, I did this when I followed that punishing and grueling hill climb regiment I so love.

Let me tell you something, boyo. It ain’t easy for one climbing up steep hills in the middle of the day in Guangdong style heat and humidity, and that’s made it to the book on fitness recollections as well for a reason, but the point is it ain’t easy.

Often times, I’d use visuals to get myself through.

Sometimes I’d compare my slow (and last) walk up the hill to the Undertaker’s as he slowwwwwlllly walks to the ring.

And other times, after I got done with 2 climbs, I’d talk to myself.

That’s two done, Rahul. Just two more left!

I don’t know why, but this gave me a huge, huge mental boost and I needed it. Trust me!

And the same thing applies to you, regardless of what workout you do or if you pump weights or do bodyweight or do that “other” workout (well, not really in that case, hehe).

Anyway, more on training half bore you ask ?

Well, the Bourne Series comes to mind again! One of my favorite movies ever is the Bourne Identity (Supremacy is by far the best in my book) and while the book is much better obviously, Matt Damon doe a stellar job of portraying an ex CIA assassin whose “mind is broken” (memory loss, whatever).

ONLY Damon could have done it. And I’ve written tomes about him and the movie and his TRAINING for the movie as well before!

And as the Identity starts, we see him doing pull-up on a wooden ledge on a boat.

Pull-up purists including yours truly may have a thought here.

That he’s neither going all the way up nor all the way down, which NO, I do NOT recommened.

I do not recommend kipping either and have said why.

But other hand . . .

If you’re already cranking out 5 pull-ups per set, for instance, but can’t quite seem to get to the magic 10 a set number, then you may want to try half pull-ups – on occasional.

Go all the way down, and pull-up, but only half (even if you can do a bit more) and then hold, and then go DOWN again, all the way.

That’s ONE way of doing it.

And count the half rep as a rep, because you’re doing it AFTER your max 5 rep count (note – do NOT do it before you max out).

Believe me now, and trust me later, you’ll benefit GREATLY from adopting this one technique into not just your pull-up workout, but overall workouts.

And that’s that for now (yes, again). Back soon! (yes, again).


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Take a gander at the 0 Excuses Fitness System, plenty more such great, great tips including one on how to recover QUICK when you’re out of breath right HERE.