Saturday, 24 October 2020 16:55

Workout #2 ... and more on RUNNING!

So as promised, the update!

But before that, a bit on running, something I Wrote about the other day.

You'll remember I wrote about running not being as bad as it's made out to be – provided it's NOT pavement pounding, and YES, there is a difference!

Anyway, being that I hadn't exercised “twice a day” for a while, I saw many old faces out there in the park at nighttime, including a guy I wrote about before once.

A realistic dude, and a business person (who does NOT buy into the mask wearing nonsense, and neither does he buy into the panic. Precautions NOT panic as I'm sure he'd agree!).

Naturally, we got to talking. I think I Was doing monkey bar work at the time, and he came up to me, and the first thing I noticed (and told him).

“Man!!! You've lost some weight, thats for sure!

And though it was dark, I gave him the once over again.

Yes! On the face, neck, and especially the legs etc. And the belly was a lot less from what I remember before (he wasn't really “fat” before, just perhaps a bit overweight, but he's positively looking slim and STRONG now!).

And he's been running around the park at a pretty brisk clip too, which is something I never saw him do before.

And as he said ... 

“you know, running really helps! It's boring, but it helps!”

“Yes”, I replied, grinning. “Especially if you run FAST as you are!”

“Well, even slowly” he replied. “I used to do it slowly for a long time, and ... “

“Yes. You do need to do it for a long time in that case!”

And the boring part, and then of course we got to talking about uphill walks, runs, and more.

 And then, of course.

 The situation.

 The plague from China.

 And I must admit, this dude gave me a point of view I had NOT thought of before, at least not actively.

 "I think once the COVID19 scare passes is when the world will really start to stick to China and demand that ... “

 "Yes”, I said. “Right now people just dont know what to do”.

 “Yes. Keeping their heads above water as it were!”

 Anyway, this dude is doing great in HIS Own business, and is a great example of something I've been saying all along i.e. The smart businessmen make MORE dough during the downtimes, and those are usually the businesses that last for the long term!

 And workout wise, it was a great one.

 50 pull-ups.

And various types of pull-ups, including those fabled rope and ring pull-ups ... oh boy!

Can feel it right now.

And no, while 50 pull-ups and 3000 jumps may sound like a lot (it is, actually) – you do NOT need to go that long or for that many reps.

Even doing something SHORT – brief and quick – twice a day gets the trick done.

In the wild, yous ee a tiger walk slowly for hours on end, but when it comes time to get the job done? ?

BAM! That deer don't stand a chance, and thats often the only real sprint the tiger does for days.

Same thing for YOU.

You could do sprints every other day, for instance. A 15 minute investment ALL IN ALL even for the super fit amongst you.

Or, perhaps 25 pushups in the morning, and 25 at night depending upon your fitness levels.

Hardly herculean in terms of time eh.

Or perhaps you jump rope for 10 minutes in the morning. Do pull-ups and pushups at night!

Key is to do something daily.

Key is to do something multiple times a day, but NOT BURN out when you do so!

And so it goes.

And thats really how it goes, my friend. More later!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Have you checked out Pushup Central as yet?? Truly the BEST DAMN course there is on pushups – do so right HERE.