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Sunday, 25 October 2020 11:03

When they “don't care about your blog”

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I remember getting this comment more than once on my social media (WeShat, I believe, but I'm not sure).

“I could care less about your blog”, goes the angry refrain with that “impotent” (I don't mean physcially, of course, hehe) vibe to it ...

I've never quite understood one thing.

Why people that don't care about pull-ups and diss bodyweight exercises as being useless, and the “iron being the real thing” and “nothing beats the iron” follow yours truly obsessively ...

... Why the very people that claim about “saying it like it is” go into paraxoyms of fury and can't sleep at night wondering “what he's going to say next” and “how dare he” ...

How the very people that claim being fat doenst matter are the ones that want to get that CORRUGATED CORE the MOST ...

And so forth.

Actually, I do know.

And as I conclude my latest writing SPREE, oh boy, I gotta say I do know.

It's because, well, they DO CARE.

IF they didnt, they wouldn't notice it. Simple as that (and for the life of me I really don't know why they do care when they say they do but yet they do and ...).

... I know, I know. All Useless “just talk” right?

But not really my friend.

The blog is how you most likely found me.

The “just the blog” is what drives, and has driven multiple businesses and will continue to do so in the future ...

And when you get the “I don't care” comment in terms of life, or anything you do, the best way to respond, and I've said this before is the following.



Or, say nothing at all.

Let them “not care”. I mean, really. Do YOU care?

And if you do, you shouldn't!

Yours truly made the mistake of “caring “ (a little, not a lot) years and years ago about many things ...

And now? I could care less, to be honest.

I could care less what people say, write or talk about me ... or how they troll me for instance. I actually enjoy it!

But that brings me to an interesting story.

And the reason I'm writing this.

Bozo Scofield the sociopath and myself were once part of a WeShat group I set up for a good reason - -to “keep it real in China”.

Great group, down to earth and adminstered by yours truly with an iron fist (which obviously wasn't all that “iron” as I let the Bozo in as well).

You know, you try and help certain peopel sometimes ...

Anyway, he showed his “colors” soon enough.

Being the troll he was, and i kept him in there for amusement (and the like).

And while he routinely made his brand of personal attacks against many people, put out nigh on false info about many people and much, much more, I still remember what he did to another (admittedly “willow like” guy called “Americana” (but he was a good guy, actually)).

That was his nick on the group, at least. Bozo Scofield was ... “Glyn”, I believe. Or Sir (eh??) Glyn or some nonsense of that nature.

And he trolled this guy relentlessly, all day long.

I still remember the messages coming in from the latter, and at a certain point although I was laughing, I just had to tell the Bozo to stop.

And he did, I believe, for a while, before he started sending the most idiotic and salacious texts to another girl I know who was also a part of the group (and who shall remain unmentiond here).

And more.

Why do I bring this up? 

Well, it' scurious how life goes FULL CIRCLE eh.

As the Bozo himself is throwing fits and hissies at being “called out” (rightly so) for the nutzo that he is ...

Anyway, enough on that. Fitness wise, same thing. Remember that what goes around, comes around.

And if you make that choice to neglect the fat around your waist for one, well, guess what.

It WILL come back to bite ya, and then some!

And more.

And I'll be back soon. Truly another writing binge today!


Rahul Mookerjee


PS -I thank my workouts for that, and about to get #1 in NOW. Soon, at least! ;)

PS #2 – HERE is where you can pick up another bestselling course of ours – Corrugated Core.

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