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Thursday, 29 October 2020 11:08

Bozo Scofield's best kept (least well kept) “secret” and why that applies to YOU, the fledgling business owner ...

OR even fledgling fitness fanatic, of course.

If you've got any sort of worthwhile goals in life other than mindlessly thumbing through the dumbphone and WeShat groups and such, looking for the latest selfies to take, the latest folks to troll, and the latest ...well, whatever the Doritos munching “hand in you know where” Mama's boysl like to ogle or think about (ugh!) ... this applies to you.

IF not, click away right NOW.

But anyway, that being enough of a disclaimer, you on this list know plenty of about Bozo Scofield dont you?

If not, do a search. I can't be (in a language the Bozo “understands”, no less. Hehe) “arsed” to type it out now ...

But anyway, you do know that he got in touch with me, or tried to via a mutual contact early on this year, saying “he was sorry” and sending a picture of me and him together after a meal which guess who paid for, hehe.

Wasn't the Bozo. He never has any cash when it's time to pay.

Yeah. That ATM is always around the corner. And its so with ALL his buddies, especially one you're probably familiar with on this list who once told me “If you ever go out with Glyn, remember this. He NEVER EVER pays”.

Least of Scofields issues I'd say.

But anyway ...

So he keeps “up to date” on what I am writing despite professing to “hate me” and all sorts of other idiotic comments.

And this isn't soi much about being defined more by your haters than anyone else - - that is to follow shortly, but ..

... this bozo trolls via every method possible, of course, like the best troll he is, and when he doesnt get a response, he moves on.

.. and when his mutual contacts list blocks or ignores him he sits there seeting in unexpressed rage and impotence (curiously enough based on the chats this Bozo has with females, this part is physically true as well, not just spritually).

(That could indeed be another best kept secret of his, but I'll leave that be for another time ;-)).

But anyway.

His best kept secret is this (and he ain't the only one by far).

No sireeeeeeeeeeee.

He is just one of the most VOCAL.

And it is this – he's quietly “hiding' (or thinks he is) in a Facebook group of mine.

And while I knew this the minute he joined, I figured I'd stay quiet and let him converse with me as he once did via the most idiotic nick name ever.

HE actually made me some money too, so I figured I'd keep him in there.

Unforunately being the troll he is he wasn't content to stay in there and keep giving me material to USE and profit off, hehe.

The great Ben Settle truly has it right! ;-)

Not that yours truly didnt know that before, but I didnt USE it before as much as I do now, and no, it ain't got nothing to do with anyone else 's products as well which I haven't bought until now (but I might invest in Settle's stuff down the line, and probably will, if just to drop him a line and say “hey man – you truly DO GET IT! Hats OFF!!”).

A dude after my own HEART, right down to his caveman like style.

But anyway, here is how it applies to the categories of folks mentioned above.

You're indeed more defined by those that HATE you with a PASSION, that (as a friend recently told me) “obsess” over you and spend every minute of their waking lives (and probably dream state too) trying to tear you down.

Trust me on this one.

That ole Dan Kennedy maxim of raising your arms up high in the air and sayin gHURRAH, and meaning it every time you get trolled, or some idiotic inane review from a tyre kicker (Gorilla Grip got plenty, by the way!) or something equally absurd holds TRUE.

And while I have not ever completed the physcial actions, it's about the feeling that action generates in you, and I just do it another way ...

... by my WRITING. Hehe. The more I get trolled and “hated”, the more that sales graph rises, and the more I write.

And therein lies the lesson my friend.

Fitness wise, same thing.

The more “they” sayit's “stupid and won't work”, the more you DO IT.

The more they “say your stuff is useless”, the MORE they secretly follow you and wish they were you. Hehe.

And so forth.

And that, my friend, truly is that. Have at!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Be sure and invest in the best damned fitness system out there RIGHT NOW : The 0 Excuses Fitness System.

PS #2 – And no, I haven't removed the Bozo as yet from the group. Actually fun to have in there, hehe.

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