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Friday, 30 October 2020 07:20

Why “one size fits” all doesnt work when it comes to training – or life in general

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If you look at the results most people achieve from their lives (I mean in an overall sense), then they are ... to say a word, AVERAGE.

I don't mean the size of a person'a bank account necessarily. Or how many houses, cars and other Bozo like “to fit in with society” accrouements they pile up.

(although that is a marker for many, it never has been for me) 

What I mean is overall.

How satisfied is the average person really with their lives my friend?

How FULFILED are they with their lives?

Can they really look back and say “No, I wouldn't change a thing about the way my life is” or if you look deep down within yourself, is there that little voice saying “I wish I had done things differently”.

That little thing you know you were good at.

The things you missed. The things you really wanted. 

And so forth.

And while this isn't a push to “break out of the mould” and do what you really, really want (although you should!) - the fact remains.

We are all unique my friend.

We all have UNIQUE skills and talents, whether we realize it or not.

Most of all stop realizing the immense talent and potential we're ALL born with a few years post “birth”.

The subconscious mind picks up enough negative vibrations from society in general around it (unless you have parents that KNOW how to raise a child, of course, in which case it's different) and pretty soon it's the usual humdrum “do what the rest of the sheeple do” and (when you're an adult) “keep up with the Jones”

(Which was pronounced “Jonses” when I was growing up. WTF?? Why would it be pronounced that way? But then again, not all English words are pronounced the same by everyone and certainly not the way they're spelt a lot of times, hehe).

School. College. Get a job (which you may or may not want). Get a job that “pays well”. Marry. Have kids (the last two are changing in certain parts of the world, but not to the extent they should). Buy house. Buy car.



Ad infinitum.


Of course, we have the few “misfits and outcasts” such as the great author O.Henry I believe it was ... who ended up in prison before he could finally display his immense talent to the world.

Or Abraham Lincoln who was a nothing and nobody before the age of 43 before the love of a woman inspired him to the great heights we know him to be at ...

Strange indeed are the machinations of that “power” -- that “hidden force” that tests those that HAVE it via all sorts of trials, tribulations, temporary defeats and such until it decides that the person can “take it” and opens the doors to success!

The lesson above is clear enough, methinks.

And fitness wise, perhaps you don't realize it, but it's TRUE. (that the one size all approach fits all).

In my daily emails and teachings I tell you to do something DAILY.

And it's true. You should!

But I also tell you not to train to failure daily. Not to burn out daily. Not to shoot for max reps daily.

And guess what.

For years, I did just that, and still made gains.

Now, people have tol dme “I'm exceptional” and perhaps I was. But the person who said that (at the time) also said this.

“Thats all youdo! It's your life! You train!”

And for a period therein, while I was pumping out books and courses galore, it was.

It was my LIFE (well, one part of it, and the other part was the other business I shall not reveal here, hehe).

And a pretty damn good one at that.

But would I advocate this method to all and even myself today?


Another example – pushups.

I'd do at least 500 pushups a day wayyyy back in the day.

Sometimes it took me forever, but I'd do 'em anyway. Sometime sI didnt feel like doing 'em, but I'd do 'em anyway.

Would I recommend this toe veryone? NO.

YOU, my friend, have to take a fitness program and then see how YOU CAN ADAPT best to it!

“It truly is what you make of it”, and that axoim holds true- - both for LIFE - - and FITNESS!!

This is why I don't pay much attention to the clowns that show up and tell me that my (already very well) structured books should be “more structured”.

i.e. Tell them what to eat, what to drink, when to piss, when to take a dump, when to go to sleep, when to ... ah, but you get my point.

In 0 Excuses Fitness I plainly state I ain't intereste din handholding.

Workouts? Well, I provide plenty of those for you in all my books.

But even those need to be tailored to an extent for each person (at least, that is what the wise amongst us would be wise to do).

And thats just how it is my friend.

There is no one size fits all to life – and fitness.

Emblazon this in your mind, and say it to yourself daily every time you encounter any form of “doubt” w.r.t “why is this not working the way it does for him”.

We're ALL different!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Gumption Galore contains plenty more such motivational tips, for thsoe of you that love 'em! ;)

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