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Saturday, 31 October 2020 08:05

Why I laugh at people that say “Go away!”

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It's hilarious ... to me at least.

Years ago,I knew a dame named Sophia.

In the city of Shenzhen, I so believe ...

And this girl was a nice person, actually. Well, pretty nice in most ways, but of course, that ole thing about Chinese girls and money ...

(and no, for the record, I don't buy into the “all chinese girls are gold diggers” myth. What I DO and WILL say is this – Chinese girls are some of the most PRACTICAL I've ever seen. That isn't always good, but it is what it is eh)

Anyway, we knew each other for a while. And one fine day, she messaged me out of the blue wanting a quote for a web site of all things.

Apparently she wanted me to build her own website (Something I occasionally do, by the way...but IF AND ONLY IF I'm compensated well for it).

As ole Freddie rightly said all those years ago.

“You don't work cheap, do you”.


No, I don't. And not for free either, but let me continue.

So first thing I told her was “huh”??

This girl is anything but a biz woman. Practical as heck yes, but she ain't n obusinesswoman, and I could tell she just wanted a quote to take to a competitor company and she did all she could in her “sweet” manner to get a “professional” quote out of me (that she could then copy) 

And I called her out on it from the word go.

“Sophia, come on”, I laughed. “Lets cut the BS. We both know that ...”

I didnt need to say more.

And I DID give her the quote for shits and grins, but mostly to get her off my case.

A month or so later, she contacts me.

Of course, she's gotten her site built by someone else on the cheap.

Great, I say. And then I talk to her about the weather, I believe.

I could care less, for those that might be asking me. That wasn't the reason I contacted her in the firt place (or she added me, or whatever).

And while I may have lost biz in that regard, she was inspiration for more than three books, so ... ah, but we'll let that go! ;-)

Anyway, she asked me to write some free reviews for her. I declined.

Sophia, stop badgering me”, I said. I was kind of irritated at that point I do admit because of other things I was dealing with.

One thing led to another, and she deleted me.

Of course. Practical gal. No freebies, so ...

Months later, I contacted her to see if the anger had died down. Just for grins again ...

Her response?

“Go away! Just go away!”

OK ...

A few weeks prior to writing this (perhaps months), I got a similar response from a clown who voluntarily signed up to my list, and apparently didnt catch on that I email - - a LOT.

“Stop sending me emails!”

“Just go away! Please stop sending me emails!”

“Go, go away! Stop! Go away!”

'Tis hilarious, considering these bozos dont even notice the unsubscribe link in the emails they sign up for voluntarily.

Ah, the irony.

Crowning part of all this is they don't know they're getting me more biz, and if I tell them, they don't believe me, and (by their acts) give me MORE fodder.


Like a certain “Glyn Scofield” I write so much about ... Hehe.

But really, when I see these statements I think the following (in no random order).


Joker. Joke job (is that even a term, hehe).

Idiot. Bozo. And so forth.

I mean, really. How hard is to unsubscribe?

Or get the message for one that I ain't here to dole out freebies?

Pretty hard it would seem for most people, hehe.

And the vibe I get off it it this.

A “crying” vibe that says Mama's boy didnt get what he or she wants, and so ... (or, they're offended by something or the other).

And this is precisely the sort I don't market to.

And precisely the sort I do NOT want on my list, or anywhere near me.

Some folks have questioned me why I remove dthem from social media etc, making my circle even smaller.

Simple bro.

When you cut out energy drags and idiots you do NOT Want in your life, guess what replaces 'em.

What you DO WANT!

And on that note, fitness wise. If something ain't working for you, cut it out – NOW. No point doing it to appease the brahs at the gym, my friend. We all know that belly fat ain't going away for one by doing nothing other than gulp down supplement after supplement and do curls to show off those massive mammoth biceps that disappear a day or two after said supplements do, and then it's back to ...

They actually did a movie on that. “English dog in Bangkok” or something. Hilarious movie, but some of the gals were pretty hot, I will say that! ;)

And thats probably why they made the movie in the first place.

OK, enough on that front as well.

To pick up the most “unbozo like” fitness system that truly does work, and gives you results you can only DREAM about, go right here - - The 0 Excuses Fitness System.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS : - For those interested in getting rid of fat – and QUICK – follow the techniques outlined right HERE – Advanced Hill Training

(And yes, before you ask, it works without access to hills or slopes as well. As I said in the last email, stop arguing (and asking meaningless questions) and just DO the thing, my friend. You might well be amazed!).

PS #2 - Ole Freddie was one of the BEST bosses I ever had, bar none. I did mess up leaving the way I did. Mea culpa ... 


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