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Sunday, 01 November 2020 09:11

“Even Sachin Tendulkar gets “hit wicket” sometimes when he goes abroad”

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Or perhaps it was “fails occasionally”.

I cannot quite remember.

But hark back to the days of 2011 ... I believe. When I first showed up in the Middle East on an assignment I just KNEW I was going to hate, and big time.

Don't ask. Hehe. (as to why “I took it”). Those on my list for a while will probably know why or you can guess, but I took it anyway.

And it wasn't all bad, actually. I actually liked the little stretch of beach around 20 minutes or so from where I “eventually” lived there and my nighttime runs there. . .

. . . it was also where I first started pouding the heavy bag. Big time.

Anyway ... point being this.

When I first showed up at the company that hired me, the “General Manager” called me in.

(being he was sort of “indirectly responsible” for me anyway).

“I know you've been to US”, he said, looking at me.

(for reference, this was an Indian owned company, and an Indian run company, and ... oh boy. Don't even ask. Chaotic mess, and if I told you some of the machivations these here guys got up to, you wouldn't believe it. What I cannot believe is I put up with the 8 or so months I did before I reverted to true type and got myself canned, heh.

Although my canning was NOT something that started because of something I did.

That email ... ah, but let it “be” for now, as a lady recently told me.

Apparently she wants “two beautiful initials” and saw fit to email me at 2 AM in the morning about it. It's that same jewelry seller I wrote about a while back!)

bAck to it!

And he said a lot more, but basically his gist was (and remember, it was a huge company, so he didnt know a lot about me, really, past what I told him) “you've been all over the world” and so “adapting here shouldn't be a problem”, but “sometimes even the best of us fail on foreign shores”.

For reference, “Sachin Tendulkar” was the “Master Blaster' in India I believe.

The God of cricket as they call him or used to, from what hazy memory recalls. I was never huge on cricket or baseball or any sport when growing up. All I liked was swimming to be honest.

And this Master Blaster despite having a stellar record overseas apparently “failed” overseas occasionally and people got on his case about it.

Don't ask. Again. LOL.

Anyway, I can see him (the GM, who shall stay unnamed) reclining in his chair. To say he was “massive” would be an understatment.

That of the century, actually ... (and I don't mean “muscle” here!!).

And I remember what he said.

But funnily enough I didnt agree with what he said back then (but didnt say much other than nod).

And I don't agree now.

And I never have, actually.

Yours truly is the sort of person who THRIVES and PROSPERS – big time – anywhere but what we call “home”.

I dont know why. But living “on my lonesome”, and doing my own thang, and ... well, back to China (curiously enough the good GM did all he could to ignore a country where I've spent the majority of my adult life, hehe) ...

Home is indeed where I hang my hat is what I should have told him.

But didnt. 

As he went on about “how I should avoid walking outdoors after 9 PM”.

To a guy that did midnight beer bashes and got into altercations all the time.


But again, yours truly was silent.

Point of this rummy tale you ask?

Well, one that “rum” there was rationed. You had to get a permit. And that was something yours truly hated.

Yours truly does NOT like people even THINKING about imposing upon his freedom an dtelling him what he can eat and drink for one. And there were many other things there I hated.

But again, real point is what I said above.

Embrace the UNFAMILIAR my friend. 

It's indeed a key to success at ANYTHING.

Ford embraced an idea that no-one ever believed was possible. So did Steve Jobs. So did anyone that created anything worthwhile, including Jeff Bezos who was told “it would never work”.

Of course, so was I.

“You'll take 10 years to get it going!” I still remember.

Hehe. How dare I. I know! 

Anyway, enough rambling on my part.

Pushup Central, for one, will give you workouts of the nature you've never dreamt of before. It will strip away fat and build CORE strength and functional muscle in ways you never thought of.

So will Advanced Hill Training, 0 Excuses Fitness, and my other courses.

The unfamiliar, you say. Hehe.

EMBRACE IT, my friend. If you so choose, of course!


Rahul Mookerjee

Ps – ALL my products are written, structured and created in exactly the manner I tell YOU about – the same “just do it mentality”. And so it SHOULD BE! Take a gander right here bro.

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