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Why I very aggressively CULL Those who “ask for a few minutes of my valuable time”

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I'm a busy man. Yes.

And so said a friend of mine, a person that “digs my writing” as it were.

And a REAL strongman at that. (he recently won a real competition at it. Placed #1 no less!)

More on this later, though . . 

You on my list will recall what a guy named “Jake” once asked me about pushups.

I don't remember the exact wording, but I did up an email on it.

And he got a response, and a good one at that, but the only reason he did was ... he ASKED flat out, without asking “if he could ask”.

And no, that ain't the only reason I aggressively cull the lot above (by that I mean out of my lists and LIFE in general).

Anyway, Jake wanted advice on pushups, which I gave to him. No idea if he implemented it.

But there's tons of people that badger me with the following.

“Can I talk to you for a few minutes”?

“Can I have a few minutes of your time”

And so forth.

Now, remember this isn't family we're talking about.

These are just people that contact me online.

And I'd say that if you wanna “talk to me”, why not just DO it instead of ASK?

Not like I'm going to check the dumbphone unless I want to, anyway ... (and no, repeated calls to “reply to me” won't pressure me into doing it either. I'm a busy man, and the LAST THING I do most of the time is check the damned dumbphone).

And most of the time, these people are just flat out TIMEWASTERS.

Like some guy who contacted me about the blue about supplements and “what I thought of them” and “what supplements I'd recommend”.

I was like, dude. I don't do supplements. They're the most useless thing ever invented after the dumbphone for the most part, and I make that very clear on my sites, no

And this same person contacted me today with the above.

“Hey Raul. How are you? Can I have a few minutes of your time” (apparently he has a “query”).

My first instinct wa to give him a chance, and ask (again).

(Not to mention something - if you ask someone something, at least spell their name right, hehe.Do I care - no . .. but, hehe....)

But the last sentence made me take my decision.

I removed him from my list (sort of, not really. Hehe).

And my posts etc. 

And no doubt, this person would want “Free” infomarion with no intention of using it unless it matched his agenda or ... “is looking for someone to talk to” or ... “needs a shoulder to cry upon” or ... 

Fill in the blanks. 

Whatever it is, I can guarantee you ONE damn thing.

He ain't no paying customer. And not a doer either.

Those that want to buy just DO IT MY FRIEND.

They don't dilly daddle and ask meaningless questions (and I dont know why, but the vast majority of “English” (I use quotes for a reason!) teachers in China that pester me this way – and believe me, I don't even teach English ... so I'm not sure HOW I got into this mess on a coupla my lists ... but then again, thats expats in Chian in general these days and ...).

They just do it.


And time is short.

And time, my friend is money.

IN short (again) – if you want to ask me something via email or whatever, just DO IT.

Chances are that if you just do it, even if you're “just looking for free info”, I'l give you a very detailed answer.

And that ain't no exagerration either, as past customers will testify.

OK, enough for now. I recently told my daughter this “All problems in life can be solved by doing handstand pushups”.

Do at least 50 a day, I told her. 

Spaced out, of course! Througout the day ... 

Blood flow to the brain, and what not, hehe.

And in that vein, I'm off to do some myself soon perhaps. We'll see.

Adios – and I'll be back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – But really, fella. Handstand pushups are a great, great exercise, and a workout unto themselves. Learn how to do 'em right HERE: Shoulders like Boulders ...

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