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Saturday, 07 November 2020 10:40

Blocking out the noises that really dont matter ...

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And that you want to, and should ignore.

Kind of like associating with the type of people that help you GROW – not stagnate (which means going backwards anyway) – and not NEGATIVE minded people that just drag you down into their morass along with them.

Which is pretty much the majority of people out there these days, and sadly, sometimes, and a lot of times indeed, due to no real fault of their own.

That pesky conditioning, beliefs and so forth.

But anyway, I wrote about this on the other side today from a “meditation” (or even “focus”, really, if you choose to call it that) standpoint.

And I made a breakthrough in that regard!

Yes, you never stop growing, and neither does yours truly and some of my current fitness routines, or not would nigh ON AMAZE YOU, my friend. No questions about it!

On that note, a lot of you have been signing up for the newsletter, but not getting my emails on either site.

And while we're currently testing all this, rest assured it should be fixed by next week or so (the delivery service I'm going to use is a professional indeed service, and by next week all subscribers on BOTH sites should be getting my daily emails as a matter of routine).

(But it's still a very good idea to sign up for both sites anyway if you're truly into what I say daily ...)

(And of course, as for site #3 – well – that should be online too shortly. Stay TUNED! Hehe).

Now, on to it!

Fitness wise, it ain't no secret that I hate being interrupted, bothered at , ooh aah'ed at, or :asked for selfies” as it were while working out.

And it happens all the time. Especically in China (but it happens elsewhere too).

And the most annoying part aren't really the lookie lous that are there to waste time and will never, ever for instance GET to doing bodyweight exercises regularly.

Remember the guy I wrote to you about in 2018?

He came over to me, asked me a ton of questions about pull-ups, and (being he couldn't do a single one) – I figured he was actually serious.

I re-directed him to the book, which he never bought.

(He did end up buying green tea though, but only because he thought it was a "quick fix" for losing weight, and once he saw it wasn't - he never bought again. UGH!) 

OK. No problem, and I gave him some very valuable free advice indeed.

Two or three days later, I saw this same dude.

Asked him about his progress

“Oh, I'm sorry! I gav eup!”

And off he walked trilling away to the gym of all places as if it was no big deal, and indeed, to him, it probably was not!

To him, it was probably “oh, so what”.

But it ain't to me.

What I do is to me, sacrosanct. And it's precisely THESE people that come up to me and badger me as I've written about ...

.. in the past, I'd laugh at them, but they wouldn't go away. It seems the barrage of buffoons with nothing better to do than take selfies and badger people while doing squat all themselves has increased exponentially, much like the plague from China has everywhere ...

I'd go elsewhere.

I'd show them my back (like I did with dude who pestered me about “using my brain” when I was doing pull-ups).

And so forth.

All of this worked to an extent. I even got into an almost fight over it once.

But really, NOTHING worked until the following -

  • until I well and truly started to IGNORE these people.


Yes, I still look at these people and laugh, but I “really” laugh now.

And they can feel it, and off they go. Whereas when it was just a “superficial laugh”, and I meant it, but really didnt, they stayed and pestered me.

Anyway, it ain't the easiest of things to do for sure.

But it can be done, if you truly have to, and if you work at it!

Ditto for ignoring noise etc while you're engaged in visualizing or what not (and truth be told, I'll have to write more about that soon. So much to say, not that much time to say it in – here!).

And I'm off. Remember to pick up the much vaunted course on pull-ups HERE – truly the best course ever on it!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – And remember what I said about emails. We'll be back full speed from next week most likely, but until then, you gotta check the blog(s) as I post everything there as well. And keep signing up – you'll never regret it! Never a dull moment, hehe, not with yours truly is there.

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