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Sunday, 08 November 2020 09:39

On building new habits, and letting go of old ones ...

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I was talking to a friend “Becky” the other day.

She was down and out ... almost.

And the reason for that is understandable. Her Dad, who she is close to “close to passing on”, and in one of the most painful manners possible.

No, it isnt the China plague we are talking about here. It's cancer, and ... well, its a long story, but I understand her pain.

Remember that Uncle who I wrote about who always (despite my many faults as a kid) had nothing but POSITIVE things to say about me?

He truly did look at the positive, and try to amplify that ...

... and he was a man that LIVED LIFE. On his own terms for the most part.

Smoked. Drank. Quit jobs when it took him. Didnt give a rats ass to what anyone thought ...

... Sort of like yours truly.

Minus the smoking, which of course I quit at 25, because I was getting to the point I coul dbarely climb a flight of stairs without wheezing and being out of breath).

(Forget climbing hills or doing pushups!)

(I did do some weightlifting back then, but it never got me the results I wanted. But you on this list know that! ;)).

And anyway, as I spoke to her (Becky) I had this to say.

“Hi Becky! I'm so sorry to hear that! But take heart – he's going to a better place!”

(where he will be ETERNALLY HAPPY).

We never die ,my friend. A lot of you might scoff at this, but what Becky told me?

“I've been comforted by a lot of my friends, but this one sentence really helped me the most”

(I'm paraphrasing).

I've got no idea if she believes in the Almighty. I do know she's not a Christian, and neither am I.

But we all “move on” for a purpose, but never “die!”

It's as simple as an “eternal sleep” and for the life of me I Cannot understand why a lot of people are petrified of death.

As Napoleon Hill wrote about, it is indeed one of the primary fears that STOP most people from achieving their best in life ...

.. And it shouldn't be.

“You sleep and have dreams, don't you? Are you scared of sleeping?”


'Then why should you be scared of an eternal sleep with nothing but peaceful dreams??”


Death is something yours truly has been scared of ever sinc ehe can remember . My first memory of that was crying at the age of 4 when I saw a movie or something of a person dying and asking my father “when I woul dgo too”.

He tried to comfort me.

But nothing dispelled the fear quite like the words Napoleon Hill wrote above.

And at the age of 36 at that, when I first read 'em.

Is it any coincidence I got into the best damed shape of my life then? I think not!

Anyway ... habits huh.

I tried quitting smoking TWICE before I finally did.

When I finally did, I just put my foot down and did it.

I ignored the headaches, the stress, the “temptations” and just iron willed my way to do it. And here I am, decades later, smoke free.

Not “booze free” though. Hehe. I love my beer!

But really, though that is an effective manner of quitting smoking, it doesnt work well all the time.

What do I mean?

Well, as of now, my emailing on these sites has been put on hold temporarily (as you know) as we are figuring out a new method of making sure the emails hit your mailboxes as opposed to “bouncing back”.

And while that happens, there has been a lull in posting.

For yours truly, my trigger fingers literally ITCH to email the way I used to, but I stop myself.

Because there isn't much point.

And I focus on something ELSE.

It was the same thing I did when I started writing, and was Not in the habit. Except in opposite, and before I knew it, well....

... They say it takes around 21 days for the human mind to “accept” a new habit. I have no idea if this is true or not, but making new habits – and quitting old ones isn't half as easy as it's made out to be my friend.

Just doing it is part of it.

The other part is “eating a bear at a time”.

And it applie sto fitness, business, writing, emailing, habits, anything you can think of.

Anyway, enough on that front. If you're currently unfit, and in the worst shape of your life at 30 plus, or 40 plus, or indeed TWENTY plus a many are, then NOW is the time to change things my friend.

Start by investing in a good program right HERE


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Make sure to pick up Corrugated Core right here – it has exercises you've probably never HEARD OF!

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