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Sunday, 08 November 2020 12:54

Throw the kitchen sink at them!

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So, this is something that is a central facet of my thinking – philosophy to life – fitness – or anytihng, really.

Anything I do – I really do.

Anything I REALLY want to do – I go at it with VIM, VIGOR and GUSTO – and then some!

“The best form of defense is ..." 

You guessed it.


Many years ago, in fact not so long ago actually I was of the opinion that “taking a step back” was the way to go.

And it still is, actually for me, if conflict can be avoided, and if I don't really care about what is happening.

Por ejempelo, several “fights” I've walked down from as of late (and over the years) – not because I started them, or because “it was my fault” - or “I couldn't win”.

It was because I could simply care less.

Compare me to a hyena in that regard.

And I read this in a novel once – a James Hadley Chase novel.

The hyena is the most “cowardly” of all the beasts out there, despite having the strongest bite force (per sq inch I believe, but I'm not sure, butI think thats right).

It will do All it can to avoid a fight.

But when it's cornered – watch out.

There is no animal more vicious than said hyena!

And given a wildlife explorer in Africa of all people said this, he must have known something about it.

Same is true of all big cats, including my favorite, the tiger.

They dont go looking for fights. They don't go trying to prove something, even when they can.

But when it's time to get that job done, you wouldn't bet against that tiger would you?


I'm the same way my friend.

When it really, really matters – I'll find a way - - and usually, I'll doing so by giving it my all and then some.

Throwing the kitchen sink at it.

Donald Trump said it best and right,I believe, when he said th efollowing.

“If you're being attacked, then fight back with ALL you can and have NO mercy! ”.

(paraphrased, but that is the gist of it )

And as I recently told a friend of mine “ If people don't screw with me, and leave me the hell alone, I'll leave them alone – in DUPLICATE. If someone comes after me, I'll come after them – in TRIPLICATE.”

Lesson to be learned right there my friend. Two of them!

And despite the bozo like “Oh, Mama, why is he doing this to me” responses you get from the crowd that delight in BULLYING (Bozo Scofield being one prime example, but there are others), you give it all you can.

And you hit 'em – where it hurts – the HARDEST – and you do it over and over again until they BACK DOWN.

So it goes with fitness occasionally.

When that fat refuses to budge, I went on multiple climbs up that hill.

Sometimes to the tune of SEVEN, not kidding, times a day!

Extreme? Hell yes!

Crazy? Hell yes!

But did it get results, lasting results, and then some! ?

Hell YEA! 

And thats the way you gotta live life my friend.

Attack every day like it's the last you live – and you'll like live a very long and fruitful life as well!

And thats that for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – HERE is where you can pick up the take no prisoners, give it your ALL 0 Excuses Fitness System (and no I don't cater to wusses and sissies that “are too fat” but can't lose weight because of XYUZ Reason, so please, if thats you, do yourself a favor ... and ... stay ... away!).

PS #2 – Neither do I PANDER, my friend. It is what it is. Take it, or LEAVE IT!

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