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Monday, 09 November 2020 12:09

What can you do NOW – and what can you do BETTER than the rest

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For whatever reason, the plague that China spread has had more than one unintended effect.

One being something I'm sure not even the powers that be at the PRC thought about.

And that is that the number of “excuse makers” (along with a lot of other negative things) have increased exponentially this year.

As has my “block” finger. My trigger finger in this regard, hehe. I cannot recall one damn year before this where the vast majority of folks out there (and no, this ain't about supporting Trump or not or politics in general) are unable to see what is clearly placed – right infront of them – on a platter!

Then again, maybe thats why you do it the hard way, and work for that knowledge, or insight, or what have you. Hehe.

And the way I do it ...

But anyway this morning I wrote about getting back to my old routine in terms of timings.

And one of the things that I was thinking about during the “head banging” I was doing at the number of people that were pestering me with inane nonsense of all kinds (I mean really, a discussion is one thing, but simply saying the same thing over and over again don't make it right, my friends!) was this.

I've made no secret of the fact that I have crappy genetics, for one. Working out hasn't come naturally to me (no doubt in large part due to my upbringing which focused on the exact opposite of physicality. Indeed “those brutes” were how my mother for one referred to strongmen ... probably still does).

Or, “he probably eats all of their food”!

And other such silly stuff.

It impacts a kid though, and along with the pink dumbbells nonsense, and a chinning bar being installed in the house but no-one teaching me HOW to do chin-ups for one – well ..

But anyway, it is what is it.

Then you have certain other situations which I often seem to end on the “toughest” side of.

Life does seem to give it's toughest battles to the strongest warriors!

And of course, all of this makes it hard to (combined with my no nonsense say it like is approach) connect meaningfully with all but the bare MINIMUM of people.

So this morning, and indeed sometimes when I feel down, or whatever, here is what I thought.

And told me.

What can you do NOW, Rahul?

Why are you feeling the way you ARE – NOW?

And most importantly, #3.

What can you do NOW – better than the rest?

Sage questions all of 'em, and yet so simple.

I believe I answered #2 in the last email (oh and yeah – we're still waiting on the mailing service to go up, so please bear wth me in that regard) ...

And I believe in a way I answered #1 and #3 as well.

And as I go to post some stuff somewhere for a biz unrelated to this, the thought struck me – again.

What can you do NOW – despite everything else – that will make you stand out – better than them?

There is ALWAYS something you can do – NOW.

Even if you think times are the direst they've ever been, there is always hope and inspiration provided you're willing to reach out to it!

And so it goes, my friend. Back soon with more!


Rahu lMookerjee

PS – This last month has been a month of “learning” for even yours truly in many regards. Who woulda thunk, for instance, that I'd be making sales WITHOUT a website (or my personal website) for that matter? But I did, and plenty of 'em on the other biz (for the other biz)! Always somethign to learn eh. Hehe.

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