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Friday, 13 November 2020 08:53

“India man very hot”

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And, I should say, why I do NOT believe in coincidence – of any form, nature or shape.

At least not in the manner most people believe it to be.

Neither do I believe in luck the same way.

It all happens, but it happens for a REASON and sometimes, often times, we are UNABLE To figure out the logic behind it – as we should be!

The Universe works in ways that the human mind cannot even begin to comprehend, my friend, and once you have faith, you'll see what I mean – literally (and I mean REAL faith).

Faith from the inside out.

Anyway, back to it. Tracy, a friend of mine (not the student!) once made the following comment to me giggling as I ascended the hill with her.

(We were hiking together and at that point, she was kicking my RUMPUS. Royally!)

(Pun intended, hehe).

And she made the following comment.

“India man very hot! I hear this!”

(Now, her English wasn't and isn't the best, so I didnt equate hot with “handsome”. I equated it with energy – and perhaps the sort you're thinking about).

I didnt question her then on it, but years later, as I reconnected with her, I asked her what she meant, and she said that “if girls that you find sexy can be called hot, why not men”.

“I'm flattered, Tracy” I laughed. “But honestly, that was the last thing on my mind!”

(and it WAS the last thing on my mind. Haha).

Then we spoke about other things.

The esoteric. And coincidence, and of course, it started to fly over her head.

And at one point she made the following comments.

“You don't have any enemies in China! Don't pretend to be Indian spy!”

(this with reference to a particularly scary “hag” that once showed up in my dreams, and I knew – at once – what it meant).

Am I?

“Tracy, if I was a spy, I wouldn't be using WeShat”, I grinned back.

But really, my friend.

Things happen for a reason. People are drawn into our lives for a reason. Positivity is drawn into our lives for a reason. And so forth.

Ever thought of the saying “where there is a will there is a way?”

Even when things seem impossible, there is always a “way”. It depends on how strong the desire and will behind the “way” is!

Faith, my friend, can indeed move MOUNTAINS.

Ever notice that when you really WANT or “need” something (really, really!) it just “shows up” there?

(At that point, your “need” beomes a “want”).

These may sound like mere words, but they're not my friend.

If you truly, truly want something badly enough, you will GET IT.

I don't care if it's fitness, business, relationships, or what not – you – will FIND a way to GET IT – if you have FAITH!

Faith, my friend, is the elixir that produces MIRACLES (No, that isn't the initial Napoleon Hill saying, but I believe I'm permitted to change it up a bit!).

Without faith, real faith, nothign moves. Or starts to.

And same thing, fitness wise.

You might not want to be “hot India man” - or “hot girl” - or so you think ....

Let's face it. We all love compliments.

And one of the main reasons we get into fitness is looks (though it shouldn't be the main reason).

But it is for most people ...

And to get in the very best shape of your life – curiously enough, and as you can see from my OWN life – LESS physical work is required than what you'd think.

Ford (and I said this in the last one) once said thinking was the hardest job.

And it is, hehe.

Think about that a while – and while you do so – be sure to pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness Sysem as well. Best damned fitness program ever, and it ain't no “coincidence” I'm saying it either!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Becoming more AWARE of your surroundings and then learning how to go WITHIN yourself is another skill that is of UTMOST importance in your “journey” in life. Confused? Want to learn more? Well, I divulge a lot on this to those I coach one on one, but I do not accept “everyone” my friend (and it ain't got nothing to do with moolah either). To find out if you truly “have it” ... apply right HERE – NOW!

PS #2 – I wrote about this on the other site, except from a different perspective, hehe.

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