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Tuesday, 17 November 2020 08:38

How yours truly got to America

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I still remember it.

Opening the envelope, and leaping for joy (internally).

The unthinkable had happened. I got a scholarship to an University – and given yours truly's truly “terrible” (according to most), in “12th grade”, who woulda thunk it?

Of course, they did say that I got the scholarship based upon my tenth grade grades which were (miraculously) 98 percent overall in my exams, and pretty much very close to 100 in certain subjects.

Of course, the lead up to this “miracle” was anything but spectacular.

Yours truly flunked all the “prep” exams that were held for this purpose.

Yours truly's “long suffering” Dad showed up and said the following “Good results in History and Math”, but “what about the rest”.

In a serious and stern manner that made me feel like Balaams ass was being led to the slaughter, hehe.

And in a manner that made me dig my heels in MORE (internally).

Hey, I never got the point of NOT being allowed to study what you “wanted”.

I liked History. I liked Math. I like the Arts. And yet, because those were “girly” subjects, and “there wasn't a career in them”, I was pushed into something I absolutely detested, that being the Sciences.

Anyway ... in tenth grade, I believe my Math score was 90.

That wasn't good enough.

My tutor remarked “we were expecting better of him”.

OK ....

If there is ONE reason I detest modern day academics that prioritizes ROTE over everything else (creativity be damed), it is THIS!

And it's also why I tell my daughter that all I care about in terms of her life is that she should be fit, healthy as a horse, DO WHAT SHE WANTS – and be good at sales, COMMUNICATION and negotiation so she can truly “sell her way through life” as I do!

I started late.

Maybe thats a good thing in many ways as the struggles allowed me to learn more than I would have otherwise.

I had and have zero “support”.


But, I'd like for her life to pan out differently in those two regards.

Will it? Who knows. We'll see!

But anyway, with all the out of state tuition and all that, the scholarship was how I made it to Univ.

And of course, two years later I lost it.

I was back to my beer swilling “F grade” getting ways, hehe (nah I ain't “proud” of it, but it is what it is!).

Anyway, thats part of how I got to the US – or should I say “Univ” as that would be a better descriptor, really.

But here is the one university that I'll never regret going though.

The school of hard knocks.

The school of REAL life.

The pain of LEARNING – in the toughest manners possible.

God gives his toughest battles to those that can handle it” 

So said Sanjay Dutt, an Indian film actor I greatly admire (not so much for his movies, but his STYLE).  

A true fighter, drinker, smokers, and womanizer til lthe end ...

.. and even the women that hated him had this one thing to say about him,

“But he maintains himself. He's in damn good shape!”


'nuff said.

Anyway, that off my chest (honestly I'm not sure why I felt compelled to say this now! It popped up in my mind while meditating, and so I said it) ... here is where you can go to pick up the BEST damned fitness system ever – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

Do so now – you'll never regret it!


Rahu lMookerjee

PS – Pull-ups were a regular part of the “Indian Terminator” (back in his days) workout routine – even if they weren't quite always done in the style I do 'em. And the RIGHT way to do 'em – well – you can learn that right HERE – Pull-ups from DUD to STUD within a matter of WEEKS!

PS #2 – Some of you seem not to be getting my emails – check your “junk” folder if you just signe dup and aren't getting my comminiques (sometimes I do use them fancy words, hehe).

Or, perhaps just re-sign up with a different email address ...

If all fail, let me know and I'll see what I can winkle out.

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