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The fortune teller I met in the Himalayas a long, long time ago!

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I wrote about this in one of my emails, and posted it in one of my blogs (on).

Dont ask me which one – I bet the 0 Excuses Fitness one, but catch as catch can on that! ;)

And today, while meditating, for some odd reason her face and her WORDS (the latter was more important) swam in front of me.

I thought I'd complete what I was doing, and then address the thought (indeed, that is what I normally do).

Oddly enough, or maybe not, I was interrupted again.

And rather than search for and send the same commuinque out, here goes – again.

YEARS ago, I went on a trip to Dalhousie and Khajiaar in the Indian Himalayas. This was in 2010, I believe ... (before I went to the Middle East).

I'm not sure, but I think so!

We met a lady in the charming “hill station” (as theyc all it!) of Khajjiar.

And she was selling trinkets and other ethnic stuff, and other Buddhist style wall hangings, and things related to Vastu etc (which in China is known as Feng Shui).

Feng means air, shui means water.

Air and water.

The yin and yang, and indeed, and I'll reveal more later, this blend of male and female energy forms the basis of not just my own sprituality, but anyone that gets it.

Anyway, my wife got to talking to the lady.

And she took one look at me, and rattled off details about me that even yours truly didnt think he knew about himself!

“How did you know all this”, I Asked, both shocked and amazed.

She just smiled back. 

My wife told me she was a seer later. (funnily enough, yours truly was called that a couple of years ago too!).

“Some people are born with it”, she said sagely.

“Yes, but how ... “ my logical mind couldn't comprehend it!

But it happened, and was true!

YEARS later, I believe in 2016 – we visited there again – this time with our 4 year old in tow.

And she had a gala time, and we found the SAME lady there, who miraculously or not, still remembered us!

And after some casual chatting, she looked directly at me, and laughed (when my wife asked her about me, and my “future”).

“Him? Hes never going to live in India full time!”

Or I belive what she said, and these were her exact words ...

“Rahul will live abroad” 

Note she didnt say the former. I inferred it! There IS a difference! ;) 

And oddly enough or not, isnt that exactly what happened? (and what has pretty much been happening ALL my life?).

Business wise, she said I'd do “something related to electronics”, and looking back, and right NOW, if you regard the computer to be an electronic item, and the pulses of data across the Internet to be ... well ... you gethte drift!

Truly amazing.


Anyway, I don't know why I felt compelled to share that my friend.

Perhaps because my biz (this one) is GROWING by leaps and bounds this year, and I'm HAPPY.

I'm always happy, of course! ;)

But either way, back to terra firma – make sure to pick up my latest course on jumping rope right here my friend – Jump Rope Mania!

Yours truly “seer” predicts it will whip you into shape in record time, hehe.

All for now!


Rahul Mookerjee

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(I haven't gotten around to putting out the second Volume. Maybe soon. HA!)

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