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Why I dont and probably never will segment my lists.

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And go completely contrary to the advice that most gurus (so called) spout on this. 

You keep hearing “segmentation” and segmeting i.e seperating people on lists to “give them more of what they prefer” to make more money.

And truth be told, there is logic to that.

For instance, if you're selling feminine items, for one, such as bras, underwear etc – you wouldn't want to come across as an uber macho “mysognistic” “male supremacist or “MGTOW” or whatever they call it (no, that last philosophy isnt what I mention in the second – far from it – but most people on the “outside” think it is...) ...

If you're selling products on pull-ups, and that alone, then you probably don't want to be talking about the benefits of lat pulldowns to those on that list.

(unless you want to do something I do VERY often to make more dough, and something marketing related, and unfortunately something most people don't do well at all, so I'll let that sleeping dog lie for now, hehe).

But segmentation isn't the magic bullet it's made out to be.

Nothing is, to be quite honest.

It's about showcasing YOU, if I can put it in one word (or a few) – and I get that most people reading this won't believe me, which is fine. I'm not trying to convince you to do that.

But anyway, on the other site, one person wrote to me about “how he shouldn't have to read about what I was writing about” (I was writing about something RELATED but not what “he liked” or “claimed he liked”).

It's wierd.

Probe people's minds, and you'll find that they WANT the very thing they claim to despise (for instance, the nuts claiming that “weights are where it's at” and that “pull-ups areOK, but the deadlift RULES” while secretly poring over yours truly pul-up books) ...

... And thats people in general for you.

Way, way too scared to acknowledge what they truly want, even to themselves, and thats why when you ask people what they WANT, you'll come up with a blank in MOST cases.

No, “more money” doesnt cut it either!

And back to the topic at hand.

It's impossible for me, for one to talk about pull-ups or getting better at them without talking about PUSHUPS in tandem.

Specifically Hindu pushps and handstand training. (and pushups).

And if its impossible for me, yours truly pull-up “Master” in many regards, you'd better bet your bottom dollar it can't be done.

The two are mutually symbiotic.

Much like if you cant stand the heat, stay out of the kitchen!

And so on both the sites (0 Excuses Fitness and this one), you'll see you sign up for ONE list.

Because fitness is an all encompassing thing, my friend.

And the sooner you realize that, the better.

And those that dont', well, the unsubscribe link is right ther.e

Anyway, enough on that. HERE is where you can pick up Jump Rope Mania! - a course I've been meaning to put out for ages, but dillied and daddled on, but finally got around to a couple of days ago. Have at!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Be sure and pick up the course on pushups as well – goes with the above!

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