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The idiocy I just saw on LinkedIn

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Saw the following “prime bozo” comment on LinkedIn, a social media network I usually avoid, but sometimes get on to share my posts etc ...

Here is what I saw

When we raised our minimum wage to $70k in 2015, productivity soared and revenue tripled. A lot of people interpreted that to mean people are motivated by pay.But that's not what we found. In reality, just removing money as a stressor let them bring their full selves to work. Research shows your happiness improves as you rise out of poverty but money stops buying happiness above the point where you are comfortable, around $75k or so.CEOs don't need an extra million. Low-pay workers need to be lifted up.

Im not going to mention the name of the person that said it.

But it's so glaringly nanny state like STUPID that I can't even begin to write about it.

Actually, I just did. Hehe.

I was going to reply to him there.

But there would be no point, as he wouldn't get. Plus, I dont deal too well with bozos that advocate a nanny state anyway ...

First off, here is the point.

You do not, no matter what, hamstring the RICH and “supposedly” benefit the poor.

I think this dude was talking about bailing big companies out, etc. But the point is this – when those companies get bailed out, in general, the economy does as well. So do the workers to an extent I'd think.

I dont know, but to me it's simple logic – if the money doesnt go directly to someone's pocket, then it probably benefits the workers in general. Maybe not in ALL cases, but most, I'd say 

But that ain't the part I had a problem with.

The problem is this “low pay workers need to be lifted up”.

No they dont need to be lifted up!

This is the most STUPID thing I've heard in ages, and someone responded with the following -

“There is thing called scarcity thinking where you're too worried about resouces to concentrate or focus on other things. I've been there, and it's like a slow death”.

So said Madam Chloe ... (a person I know only fleetingly).

Again, one of the most asinine comments ever. 

Here's a bit of a reality check, fellas and ladies, or the other way around.

MOST, if not ALL, Ceo's did NOT get where they were by whining on social media about needing support, not having money, being in a “scarce” mindset (which is the exact opposite needed!) and so forth.

Most LOSERS however did just that ... And stayed where they where.

Most successes you see today were bankrupt multiple times and were rejected in many ways, shapes or forms (and continue to be) – way more so than the whiners ever were.

If they only knew, heheh.

Second, that ole Deng Xiaoping saying.

“If some people get rich, it's a good thing!”

No, he did NOT, as I never tire of saying say “To get rich is glorious” (although really, if you do so on your own terms it is!).

But really. The wealth DOES trickle down, if you're keeping score.

Which the bozos aren't. Most of them need a good kick to the rumpus to get their ass in gear and make a life for themselves without whining about their failures or “why they can't do it” 

As Connery famously said in “The Rock” (a potboiler if ever).

“Your best”, he sneers at Nicholas Cage (who was in a moment of indecision).

“Losers whine about their best! Winners go home and fuck the prom queen!”

Said like a champ, and it is TRUE bro.

“Carla was the prom Queen”, responds Cage.

Hehe. Said like a champ there too (Carla was Cage's love interest in the movie).

And thats al I gotta say about that. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Fitness wise, same thing. Most people need a kick to the rumpus to get started and keep going, not endless molly coddling that the whiners who claim “your advice on pull-ups doesnt help anyone” or thos ethat claim “you just say you just do it”. Hey, Nike said that too, and did pretty well, didnt they? If it's good enough for Nike, I'd think it's good enough for YOU reading this!

PS #2 – Here is where you can pick up the 0 Excuses Fitness System the very kick to your BOOTY you need to get your ass in high gear and make something of your LIFE, my friend – fitness wise, and LIFE WISE!


** Start Edit ** // from my coder days, hehe. 

Research shows your happiness improves as you rise out of poverty but money stops buying happiness above the point where you are comfortable, around $75k or so.

I dont know which bozo researched that, but I'll tell you one damn thing. HAppiness isn't and shouldn't be dependent upon "how much money you have". It's NOT being happy in the HERE AND NOW regardless of anything else that keeps mos t people from even starting to get someplace in LIFE (or fitness). 

CEOs don't need an extra million

But I'm sur ethey WANT it. And it's what you WANT is what you GET out of life, and fitness, NOT what you "need". 

Try telling Bezos for one he doesnt "need" an extra million, and see his response. Hehe. If he's allowed to speak freely that is without the bozo "whiners" and SJW's getting their knickers in a twist (and the commie nanny state advisers out there). 

Last, but not least, this moronic advice of "everyone should get enough to at least "get by on"" (whatever figure that is up to the poster apparently). 

Well, first thing you know - everyone has differnt standards. 

And second, and not least by a long damned shot - how did that work out for the Soviet Union? 

Where people had literally no incentive to work? 

I dont think it ended up too well, my friend. 

** end of rant -cum- response, but really, it's true!" 

// end code, hehe. 

I forgot to link (and PIMP, hehe) 0 Excuses fitness right there, so I will do so NOWHERE is where you can pick up the System, the best damned fitness system ever. And if you're part of the "how dare he charge me" group, well, goody. The system is NOT FOR YOU! 



Rahul Mookerjee

PS - YES! 

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