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Why YOU SHOULD aspire to be a CEO with highly paid “bailouts” and benefits that the averag eperson can only “dream of”.

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I'm sure to get a lot of asinine response sto my last email ...

to the extent of “how dare I support the rich!”

OR “don't you know times are tough!!”

Or ... “WAH! We need support, not you dragging us down!”

Well, goodie again, but I ain't dragging you down my friend. I'm exhorting you to RISE UP on your own terms and if you're too much of a PRIME BOZO to see this, well, my site ain't for you.

Neither are my products, and I wouldn't sell to you if you handed me money on a PLATTER.

Well, maybe if you put it on a platter, hehe. But NOT otherwise.

Now, whats the point here you might ask.

It's this ... that you SHOULD aspire to be the CEO you profess to hate 

so much.

Let me ask you one thing (this is for the prime bozos, not those that get it).

“Don't you honestly want to live life on your own terms, free of WORRY and STRESS over monety of all things, but other things too?”

Show me a bozo that doesnt answer yes to this, and I'll eat my hat. 

That I don't wear, hehe.

But again.

They're saying it, sure.

But they ar ejust SAYING it .  

Do they really want it?

The majority DON'T.

If they did, they'd do the thing as opposed to whining on social media and doing nary a thing to improve their own lives (look at how many of these people have their own products etc, or a side gig that they actively promote etc (I know, how dare I. Moneeeeee!) and so forth).

How many are actually fit and healthy as opposed to LAZY.

I'd bet not too many at all. Probably 1 – 1 is my guess, and being I'm a math whiz, I'll let YOU figure that one out.

I dont normally use emoticons, but it seems appropriate here.


Anyway, we all hate that we can't (or are too scared to become).

Bozo Scofield hates me because I am what he never was, and never WILL be unless he stops being a troll and low life loser 

The nuts that claim to “lift me up and throw me out of the window” would do better if they actuallyacknowledged they need to LOSE weight – around the MIDSECTION – and therefore get better at pull-ups which they want !

(And if they didnt, they wouldn't be trolling yours truly with idiotic comments).

In short, we hate that we AREN'T, and dont seem to be on a road to be either, hehe.

And fitness wise, same thing ...

Need I say more?

I think NOT, so I'll sign off – for now. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Zero to Hero contains an intensely personal and motivational story about TRUE HAPPINESS that I mentioned in the last email. In case you're tired of being a PRIME BOZO, check it out right HERE – Zero to HERO!

PS #2 – Oh, and pick up the best course out there on doing pull-ups right HERE. (and HERE if you consider yourself to be “advanced”).

(dont write back WHINING about the workouts being tough. They're tough,a nd they shall REMAIN that way, bro!).

I gotta do it again ... last time. Promise!


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