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The story of the two models, and what it taught me ...

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Ages ago, in 2014 I believe it was, I built a great website for a client of mine.

A world famous model.

And while he hasn't been modeling for a while that I know of, at least not in China, his name etc is very much still there on Google.

Canadian, ex Army (not sure if he was Special Forces, but he might well could have been).

Tall. Strapping. Everything you'd expect of a model ... and as he did the “Namaste” sign while handing me the advance cash for the website I was going to build for him, I was both somewhat flattered and honored by the gesture!

Its the little things that count!

No-one would have guessed it, but him.

Hence what I say about him probably being in the Special Forces. Those guys aren't just “buff”- they're smart too 

Anyway, that was back during my “Fat” and not overly “confident” days if you get my drift.

And the life changing experience (a few months) that I've written about SO much with a certain peron that shall go unnamed here occured just a month later, strangely enough and turned my entire life around, but for then, I remember asking the model.

“Any chance I could ever be a model”, I asked him, laughing in the Metro.


I was expecting him to say NO.

And it wouldn't have upset me in the least if he HAD said that.

Instead he took one look at me and said the following.

“Of course you can! Just make a nice model card etc, get some decent pictures taken and you're off to the races”.

(And he actually sent me a ton of contacts etc to get this done, and I'll always appreciate that!)

And he was right. Years later, and years prior to this as well (my wife when she met me apparently told me the same thing and I WAS in shape then, so...) as people kept commenting about “if I went to the gym” or “you look like a movie star”, or “you have that X shape girls love!” or “your back is built!” I did actually briefly dabble in modeling.

And instantly gave it UP.

Yours truly “cranky” couldn't handle the constant demand for selfies, “looking good”, and the assorted BS that goes with walking the ramp, my friend.

Anyway, point is this.

Another dude I knew at the exact same time in that “Keeping it Real in China” WeShat group I once started was a model too.

South African. Tall. Strapping. Probably not from the military, but there was one key difference between dude above, and the dude I'm talking about here.

First was a FIT guy.

Second was a boobybuilder, who felt one fine day for whatever reason compelled to share the fact (in public) that he'd let his condoms “dry out so he could re-use them” . . . and posted pictures of the same in the group as well.


Anyway, that isnt what I'm referring to here either.

I asked him the same question I asked the other dude 

And his response?

“Do you have muscles? Do you have a six pack ?”

“Unless you go to the gym daily and pump n tone, you can never do it!”

And so forth.

And this same scenario has been repeated several times over my life.

Moral of the story being?

First, business is more about people liking each other (once we get past the core competencies) than anything else. And second, some people will find any excuse to tell you a bazillion reasons why you CANNOT do the thing, while others will do all they can to uplift you.

Curiously enough, or maybe not, the self made lot fall in category #2, not ONE.

And thats why I still occasionally chat with my “once friend” Charles despite our many irreconcilable differences.

There was a period in his life when he was making money doing what I hate, despise and detest with a passion, that being teaching English in China, and I remember him doing all he could to “get me on the train”.

Which I did, of course. But left it shortly after I got on for reasons I've made very clear in past emails ...

If there is one thing yours truly simply WILL NOT DO in China, it is this – teach English there! 

But I still remember Charles telling me over and over again.

“Again, there's no reason why you cant do it!”

And hes right. No reason. Except for the fact I did not want to do it – with a passion!

Pity he didnt apply the same logic to fitness, but hey, to each his own.

And that brings me to th ecentral point of this rather long winded DISPATCH.

Central point #3.

That being, fitness wise, I'd rather be the guy that tells you the many reasons you CAN do pull-ups, for one, and tell you whats holding you back as opposed to being the molly coddler who tells you what you “want to know” i.e. “oh, they're so tough!” ,or “oh, you're not fat – youre just “big”!”

And so forth.

I would rather be and AM the person that would FIGHT for the above and FIND reasons to tell you why you CAN do a certain thing as opposed to cannot. 

Thats just how I've been all my life!

And perhaps thats why I've never had a dull moment in my life, hehe.

All for now – back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – The new course on isometrics is done – except for the workouts part, and me getting all the pictures into the book. Will take another couple of days – but again – I want to make sure I get it done RIGHT the first time around – so rest assured – on the way!

(I am also re-doing some of the exercise descriptions to make it easier to understand from an isometric standpoint – so hang in there, folks!).

You CAN place pre-orders via email tho - here is the sales page for the book -

PS #2 – In the meantime, feel free to pick up the system that will get you in the best shape of your life at “warp speeds” - the 0 Excuses Fitness System.

PPS – Been having one of those “annoying days” so far. Is it any coincidence that I got on social media for a sum total of 5 minutes last night, and ... !

UGGGGGH. Pity I cannot avoid it altogether, but I do my best to!

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