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More on a colossal waste of ENERGY

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Most people that know me can’t figure it out.

And of course, they’re too lazy to actually READ what I write ...

... but I keep getting the talk about “why don’t you talk to me on social media!”

Or “why don’t you answer the phone!”

And some of these people are friends – or so they say they are.

And yet, they dont know how much I despise the dumbphone. Hehe.

Dont get me wrong. Sometimes, it’s good to pick up the phone and talk to someone.

But in the vast majority of cases, it’s NOT warranted, especially when what youre saying can just as easily be said on email, or text, or a simple “voice note” (that seem to be all the rage these days).

Instead, you have people “not reading because it’s too long”.

Or, people that “dont listen to all the voice messages because they get too many”.

And yet, when THEY want something, bang on target, here they are with the same thing ...

... Part of the reason for yours truly cranky caveman being the way he is is I get a LOT more accomplished staying to myself.


I get a lot more workouts done.

And so on and so forth.

Going within is something everyone should do, and yet it’s roundly pooh poohed by most.

Big, big mistake bro.

And here is the point of me saying this.

My daughter is almost 7 right now. Great English skills, great life and marketing skills, great sales skills, and great at many things

Of course, yours truly’s family claims I had nothing tod o with any of the above, especially the first. 


Anyway, that isnt the point either – point is this.

She constantly has people calling her up to “talk to her”.

Ostensibly to “make friends”.

But really, its because of what people often try and do with me in China, that being to “practice my English”.

For free, of course, and in return what do I get?

Zilch. LOL.

I’ve told my daughter to do what I did when I was young (which I figured out the best thing for me to do was to hang out with OLDER guys that KNEW MORE than I did in many ways, and I knew more than them in some, so it was a fair exchange), and was roundly pilloried by my mother for doing so.

“How dare you hang out with 12th grade guys? You’re only in the 8th grade!”

Or, my Dad when yours truly “pimply and gangly” wanted to get to the razor a few years ago and “stole” his Dad’s, because Dad wouldn’t give me my own 

“I know you’re a big man with long beards!” he said in a sarcastic manner.

(while complaining about some meaningless “rubbish” about how I didnt do this well at school, or that well).

(Schools. College. Education. Formal education. Look around you right now, and tell me what use that fancy degree is my friend. Hehe. No, I’m not dissing education – the formal kind – but its really education you get from being in the trenches that truly counts in LIFE!).

Anyway, my daughter and me do NOT have that sort of idiotic excuse of a “relationship”.

We have a real relationship. She’s a special gal, and I give her all the advice someone should have given me when I was growing up ...

... and I dispense it to my list as well, hehe.

And thats what I wanted to talk to you now about. Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Energy drains are one prime reason I rarely, if ever get on the phone. But I did do it once to make my 0 Excuses Fitness videos!

Check ‘em out right here. You’ll love ‘em!

(yes, paid product – sorry to the “Freebie seekers”, hehe, but thats just how it is. For free snippets, follow my YouTube channel).

PS #2 – And yes. If you want to succeed, ditch the energy drains. You truly are the sum of those people you hang out with the most – and on that note, I’m off to do some much needed meditation before the “fun starts”. Hoooo boy!

PPS - Bozo Schofield actually reminds me of a certain someone in my family, someone you'd think I'd be closest to (or anyone would), but am NOT. More on that later, hehe. 

PPS #1 - I never met a certain Uncle in my family, who from what I hear is as much the "skeleton in the closet" as yours truly, hehe. He was termed as a genius for his eccentric ways. Yours truly? Well - YOU be the judge, hehe. 

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