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Wednesday, 02 December 2020 12:14

Where BEETH the postman ....

It’s interesting!

Back when I was going to college, or applying, I’d gladly await the letters from the University in the mailbox.

At that time the post came in at 12 noon or so.

And I’d anxiously go down and check the mailbox, and joy be ME when I got something I wanted!

And now, at least in MOST necks of the woods, other than unwanted bulk mail and credit cards etc (actually not even those) – the post?

What is it, some may ask. Hehe.

Anyway, I was chatting with my wife the other day.

And she told me that the “postman came for his “baksheesh””.

For Diwali, which done passed weeks ago (the festival of lights).

Amongst the many strange anachronisms in India, left over from the colonial era is the system of “tips” often times for doing nothing.

And i dont know why people still give it.

I have NO idea!

I can understand if the person does something for you, or even does something for someone, but it’s turned into a “you give me money” thing irrespective of anything.

News Years. Diwali. Any festival in India!

China had this pre 1940, before (and thankfully) it was outlawed.

Not so India, where government employees in particular still love to make a quick and somewhat dishonest buck!

(Despite NM’s claims to the contrary, hehe).

And as he showed, I was reminded of something.

While with Amazon etc, we’ve done away mostly with th epost office, it has it’s uses.

For example, when shipping TEA and large parcels – it’s usually via post!

When I did paperbacks primarily for the biz – again – I’d motor on down to the POST OFFICE!

And so forth.

Old fashioned DOES have a place, hehe, if not the old fashioned “baksheesh” (personally I’m against that nonsense).

Same thing for fitness, bro.

My methods have been called old fashioned, to which I reply “Old is Gold”.

Because it truly IS.

Old fashioned never goes out of style ,and it is what works.

It’s what people have been using for centuries. The Army. Boxers. Wrestlers.

And it’s only as of late that the new fangled spa and chrome (ok, chrome and fern, hehe) nonsense has taken over the world.


Anyway, it depends on what sort of results you want.

If you want artificial, superficial results and FAKE results like the majority of the world has become, then train that way.

You wont hear a peep outta me!

But if you want real results – well ... !!

All fo rnow!


Rahul Mookerjee

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