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The difference between REAL REVIEWS and Bozo like trollish “sh-views” as I like to call ‘em.

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I’ve been writing on this for a WHILE NOW ... and I’ve been asking people up and down (those that buy my stuff, and there bE a plenty, hehe) to leave ... REVIEWS!

One of my customers recently wrote back telling me the following.

“Reviews are personal opinion a lot of times, and so I generally don’t leave them as what works for one person might not for another. But with your books, I’m more than happy to shout from the rooftops as to how good they are, because the stuff is REAL, and WORKS! Thank you for putting the best training material out there”.

Now, this is taken from an email – stored in my memory banks. It’s there on the laptop too, but I haven’t dug it out, so it ain’t verbatim.

But that is the sum and substance of what he said ...

Now a few flashbacks (those y’all enjoy so much, hehe. As “Milan” once told me, “You truly dont have a dull moment in your life!”)

So back when I was working a full time job (in China, again!) ... ‘twas time for an annual review (Which was delayed by three months for whatever reason. Isuspect they were planning on how to get rid of me first. Hehe).

It was a scathing review indeed, and “Jim”, my boss (and the VP there) had this to say to me in a consoling and somewhat condescending manner.

“This really nails you to the wall! I hope you don’t mind!”

Me? Mind? I could care less to be honest on a lot of that stuff. I hated that job – but just didnt know how to escape that life, hehe. 

Live and learn!

Then he asked me if I “agreed” with the review. Followed up by “no-one’s ever disagreed with my reviews before!”

Sort of like saying you better do as I say, or else.

Yours truly isn’t the type to cower down in front of anyone, and he knew it.

He was probably banking on the fact I WOULD disagree inwriting, and they would can me that much faster.

No dice, bro.

I just smiled, agreed, and walked away.

Now, in fairness some of what he said on the review was right. Mea Culpa.

But mostly, it was “I dont like Rahul because the HR manager, a snotty someone who was FAT to say the least didnt like the look of me from the word go, and he needed HR more than he needed me so he could keep his “cheap” China employees in line through someone else, and so forth...) ...

Anyway, when one door closes for no fault of yours, a bette ropens.

And it did with Freddie, and in THAT case, yours truly was wrong for leaving “in a huff” as he did.

True. I was young and wild.

But, no excuses. Freddie personally did RIGHT by me, and I probably should have at least left in a more “civilized” manner than I did eventually.

Again, live and learn.

But really, Jim’s whole review boiled down to another thing. And something HE got wrong.

“You wanted to do more”, he said. “We gave you more, and you didnt do it”.


Except he gave me what I did NOT want and ask for

I asked to be put into sales.

Via email. In writing.

And that was ignored.

And ... that was something my employers post all this didnt ignore.

Por ejempelo, “Pankaj”, an Indian employer of mine once when I walked into his office, bored with the “system analyst” job I was hired for and seeing others doing somthing I could do much, muuch better! ... (he was the CEO) had this to say when I asked him if I could do it (much to the detriment of my direct reports).

“Just do it!"

(he didnt say it in those words, but he agreed at the speed of light. Most sensible biz men would if they saw green dollar signs flashing in front of their eyes, which he (and I) did. Hehe). 

And I did.

Bagged a 7000 plus sale my first try.

Wasn’t bad, I’d say!

And then of course, history was made in THAT job where I took the company from “Zero to Hero” ...

But anyway, point of all this is to say reviews aren’t necessarily bad ... provided they are FACTUAL.

Just like my mom’s inane rants about “Your 40, do something with your life” (because I dont do what she wants me to do) clearly shows BIAS and stupidity, the trollish reviews I often get ar ethe same.

And they’re hilarious. Glyn the Bozo, if you’re reading this, please leave more reviews of this nature!

And here goes his latest.

Terrible trash for Tom Toms!

(This for my advanced book on pull-ups).

Review underneath (if you can call it a review).

The author claims to share how he can be a stud, I thought I would try it. My days would start at 3am with me walking 20 miles a day, and doing 25 laps of the swimming pool at the complex. The rest of the time, I was doing volunteer work or working with the local authorities. I was just a typical Tom Tom! I wanted to be a stud like Rahul who has no friends or sex life. Sure enough, the book was utterly drivel. I asked for my money back but Rahul launched into a campaign of threats. He is obviously a loner and we hope he will get help.

(This was in response to me referring to him as a China tom tommer, which in addition to all his other glowing (not) qualities, he is. Hehe).

(A s for the workout part, he copied it off the “free” section of the blog and meshed it in with his own unique experience of collapsing in a heap at 7PM after God knows what was on, and then waking up “hungry for more” at 3AM ..)

(And getting booted out of the one room dorm his “paper mill” Chinese university assigned him to be a dancing monkey).

Now, I've addressed this and his other trollish reviews here - Why you genuine customers out there should ALWAYS leave reviews (even if the book isn’t up to your expectations) ( - so I won't do it NOW. ​

But and again, does this sort of thing sound like a REAL review? Genuine? Or not?

I think the answer is obvious.

More importantly though, if you the shopper are trying to decide which book(s) to buy – does it actually help?

Obviously and of course not.

So, and here’s another call out to ALL of you. Some of you have already stepped up to the plate, but this is a repeat call out – to leave reviews in any way, shape or form you desire.

All I ask is that they are GENUINE reviews (Without an “axe to grind” as it were).

Because if you don’t, the bozos will, because sitting in Mama’s basement twiddling their thumbs and sending inane WeChat messages to women they dont know gets boring after a while ...

LOL again.

But I gotta thank Scho the Tro(ll) for his inane rubbish. Not only does it make sales, but some of it makes me laugh – repeatedly. Hehe.

Anyway, thats it from yours truly.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – HERE is where you can pick up the BEST fitness system EVER that WILL whip you into the best shape of your life – and QUICK!

PS #2 – Being Glyn is, as a mutual friend told me “obsessed with me”, I guess I shouldn’t ask “if he’s reading this”. The dopamine levels do get low every hour or so from what I hear, and from all the IP’s he trying to read it from after being roundly blocked on ALL. LOL again!

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