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If you CAN do more – SHOULD you do more?

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The answer as always is ... It depends!

Fitness, workouts? It depends.

Life? It depends.

Business – it depends!

And I’ll start off with a core disagreement my father (And indeed most of my family) and myself have had.

That being the following – if you have more “ability” than the next person, you should do more.

And this has played out to an extent in some of my jobs – except WITHOUT the pay which I deem commensurate for “doing more”.

Por ejempelo, THAT job when they were getting ready to can me, except didnt know how to do it, hehe.

(I made it easier for them later, but thats a different story).

They got me – or tried to get me to “train” a sales person. Whose base salary despite lack of any results or even evidence that some was on the way was WAY higher than what mine was when I joined (although to be fair, with the hike they gave me after seeing six months of solid results) I was still higher.

And on the pecking chain, I was most certainly higher.

But it was a classic case of “give him the title, but NOT the money”. 

Didnt work out well, bro. Hehe.

My Dad was of the opinion (and likely still is) – if you CAN do more – you’ll be EXPECTED to do more.

No matter what.

Goodie. I agree.

“Where’s the pay then, Dad”, I remember asking back when we still on speaking terms. 

No response, or an irritated “you think you’re so logical” illogical emotion driven “lash out”.

And thats where we differ. Core difference.

I am NOT one to take it up the ass just because “I can”.

And I dont recommend you to either, hehe.

If you’re doing more – you GET MORE for it.

If my products give you the best workouts out there, and indeed, that is what those that have DONE the thing say, then they WILL be higher priced.

You get what you pay for, friend. Thats just how life functions! 

And anyone who says otherwise is either bullshitting or has NO clue.

But on that note ...

Napoleon Hill once famously made the comment about “if a man does more than what he is paid for, then he’ll soon find the WORLD lining up to pay him MORE than what he would ask for for that extra work!”

And if taken in THAT spirit, I agree.


Except it was never explained to me that way ...

But yeah.

Thats what I do in my own life. I go the whole humpty.

My wife once told me that “I was giving more clothes than I should for the laundry’ (in her language).

Hey, what can I do.

She said there were less clothes to wash. “give me more if you have ‘em!”

So I gave ‘em!

But anyway, my products.

I believe in going the extra mile, because I WANT to.

I am NOT being FORCED to.

I WANT to.

And it ain’t about money either, though that naturally follows per the law I stated above.

It’s about the SATISFACTION at the end of the day, my friend, at saying it like is – inspiring people to BE more than what they ARE NOW – and watching them (sometimes right infront of my eyes) get in the best damned shape of their life.

Priceless, my brother. Truly priceless!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Pick up more motivational tips like this right here – Gumption Galore.

PS #2 – The SAME thing applies to your fitness programs, and forked tongue aside, for the vast majority of you? Most people need a kick up the ass to do MORE, not less. But if you’re doing more – truly so – then back off once in a while or every few days. This approach will work wonders too so long as you “do something daily”. Try it, and report back!

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