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Why walking a mile in the OTHER MAN’s shoes is a concept most would never understand.

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I’ve often been asked how I get so much writing done – while working out – and living a rather, as “Milan” put it STORIED life . Hehe.

(He didnt use that word, but thats what he meant).

Or, as my mother keeps saying (and it seems she secretly admires the same for certain people – but of cours enot with me, hehe. How could I ever do anything right eh) a “colorful character”.

Anyway, the key is this.

Mindset. Fitness (yes, staying fit extends way beyond the PHYSICAL and health benefits alone).

And you already know about that.

But, what you may or may NOT know is the following.

I can write to you in any “voice”, for instance.

I’v ebeen called a chameleon multiple times, and it’s true. Hehe.

Back in the day when I worked a job, and when they actually wanted PEOPLE with REAL SKILLS as opposed to disposable monkeys as the case is NOW, I’d put the following on my resume.

“Can work with many different cultures successfully”

(or a variant of that, gussied up and all)

(“Gussied” is an expression in the Southern US for those that dont know, hehe).

But anyway, the point is ...

... IN order to truly connect with anyone, you have to understand them first. How they think. How they FEEL. How they react. And so forth.


The whole she-bang.

And its part of the reason why trolling me, for instance usually doesnt just end up flat on it’s face -it (as a customer recently put it) whacks the bozos right across the face and then some.

I can write to you as a woman right now if I so choose.

Or a “sissifed” male.

Or, a “gym goer beating his chest about how the bench press is soooooo much better than handstand pushups” and that the “iron is what really counts and builds real strength”.

Man. Woman. Anything in between (I haven’t done this as yet tho, hehe).

(Because no, I dont have a biz dedicated to in betweens. LOL) .

But the point begets ...

And fitness wis,e this is why the idiots who claim “bodyweight exercises don’t build strength” or “bodyweight is only good when you cant get to the GYMMMMMMMMMM BROOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO” or “bodyweight exercises only build endurance” or “bodyweight exercises get you healthy, but thats it!”

The last puzzles me.

I mean, yes, they’re right on that one.

But thats not all they do.

And if bodyweight truly gets you healthy, and the other stuff doesnt really do it, why would you not want to make the switch? 

Befuddles your struly!

But point is, they have NO INKLING. They’ve never ever done the thing!

The bench presser bragging about how much he can press has likely never done a decent OVERHEAD press in his life, let alone get into a handstand.

The wackos who claim they’re big and strong (but are really more FAT around the MIDSECTION than anything else) and so can’t do pull-ups - - and then claim that pull-ups dont build strength while secretly trying to do ‘em – well, the less said the better !

And so on and so forth.

Lesson in all this?

Dont’ comment unless you’ve been there and done that, bro. And most people have not.

You could, of course – but it would just make you look like an idiot.

And thats what I had to get off my chest.

It’s off now, so I’m out.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

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