Saturday, 19 December 2020 07:32

On “40 years of Rocky”, and more ...

So, I just watched a movie last night. A rather short one!

From an all time favorite actor of mine.

Perhaps My ONLY favorite actor – Sly Stallone!

And he’s made a short little documentary film on Rocky which is little more than a brain dump to be honest. And I knew that from the get go after readin the movie reviews.

And yet, Stallone is a man I highly admire. 

He’s been there, done that, blazed a trail – and then some!

Fitness wise, he’s ... well, I dont think we need to go there! A guy thats making movies such as the Expendables at an age WELL over 65 or so (I think he’s way over 70 now?).

And while the last installment of the Rambo series was more gore than anything else, Stallone’s still in awesome condition for a man his age.

I’ve spoken about the similiarity between his conditioning routines and mine ... and how both him and I later realized that those LONG drawn out workouts with LESS food (and Stallone truly went to extremes!) was doing more harm than good.

They got results, but ...

Stallone’s muscle really exploded once he learned the value of doing LESS, not more – in the gym (and knowing his body!).

Anyway, in the brain dump amongst other things he talks about never giving up.

He talks about how his life was going nowhere fast.

And how it literally EXPLODED the year Rocky was released!

“Keep buying those lottery tickets! You never know when you might hit the jackpot!”

And he is RIGHT.

Now, in the movie, they went into a lot of interesting details about how Rocky was made on a shoestring budget which dwindled even further as the shooting progressed.

And, how the extras that were supposed to show up never did, hehe, because of pay etc, and how they improvised on the spot.

All great stuff, and while the majority of people won’t get it, Stallone is actually imparting more education in that half hour than most will get in their lives (similar to what I do in these daily emails of mine).

Take it or leave it, but the part about rehearsals bears WEIGHT.

They rehearsed CONTINOUSLY for months for the Rocky fights, trying to get it just right.

Stallone said that most movies dealing with boxing do NOT do these lengthy rehearsals.

Big mistake, and so sayeth the man himself.

And again, he is RIGHT.

Anyway, even while doing those lengthy rehearsals, there was doubt in Stallone’s mind as to whether all of the effort would pay off, and would be worth it.

Remember, this is a guy that slept on park benches and Grand Central station at a certain point, and had like $106 in his bank account at the time Rocky was accepted, and sold his dog off, pawned his wife’s jewelry, and, well, you get the picture.

A guy that did what he had to do.

And he put in the work.

Kept the faith.

And the results?

‘nuff said, hehe.

But really.

Point begets.

They say you need at least 10,000 hours of practice to get truly good at a skill.

Could be writing emails. Books. Could be teaching. Could be doin gpull-ups.

Could be hill climbs (those long workouts! I still remember!).

Could be walking X number of steps per day, and feeling ASTONISHED at 30 k steps taken during a single workout (that number adds up!)

But really, bro.

You gotta put in the time.

And you gotta keep the faith!

And if you do these two things, you’re WAY ahead of most people already, and you WILL get results down the pike – line – that will ASTOUND you.


Hang in there – stay strong – and HIT IT! TODAY!


Rahul Mookerjee

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