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Why brutal honesty is the way to go (yes yet AGAIN!) - and the email I NEVER wrote, but was blamed for anyway ...

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I’ve made no secret of the fact that I’m brutally honest, and that it is THE Way to go in life.

If people get offended, or they dont like you for saying it like it is, thats their problem.

Sure, this isnt the “easiest” approach to take by far.

But in life, long term, it in my not so humble opinion is the ONLY approach to take – that produces RESULTS, bro.

Solid results.

And keeps you doing your own thang and following your own worthy goals as opposed to some rubbish someone or ther other “deems” you should do.

Por ejempelo, my ill fated stint in Muscat, Oman (truth be told I never wanted to go there, but oh well. Mistakes, mistakes! We all make ‘em)

My Hindi is not that great. I admit it.

My Bengali is even worse. I mangle it in a way most (who think it’s my mother tongue) would be horrified to hear.

But I do know one Hindi saying, that being what a colleague at THAT Job told me.

“Insan Galtiyon ka putla hai”

A man (or a person) is a puppet to his MISTAKES is the literal translation.

What it means is we all make mistakes. Live and learn!

Anyway, the only reason I took that job other than roundly pestered to do so up and down, left right and center etc was that they were willing to give my wife a job, and that would make the minimum wage CRAP they were offering me slightly more bearable.

The deal was they’d do in three months.

Yet months passed, and there was no movement.

It was evident they wouldn’t keep up to their end of the deal.

One fine day, apparently my wife had enough of being polite with them and told them to piss off in no uncertain terms.

“Then I dont want it”, was a response she wrote to an email. Which I only learned of AFTER it was written and from the portly GM who to be frank could do with a dose of frankness himself.

(I still remember him pseudo threatening me when they fired me as in “they have family, so I’m not calling the cops on him”. Yeah. Right! Not like I had actually done anything that would warrant that or believe me they’d be all over my ass, much like ... ah, but we’ll get to that in another email later, hehe).

He called me into his office one fine day and pestered me up and down about “is this the way to behave”.

As if yours truly needed to learn “how to behave from a person that couldn’t and wouldn’t keep up to his end of the deal” (of course, he didnt have any real authority, but thats another tale altogether).

Anyway, they kept me asking me “why I let my wife send the email”

And I kept saying “dude, I ain’t got a clue”.

Because I didnt.

Apparently the rest of my brutal honesty there was so believable that they fired me for it.

But this wasn’t believable.

And of course, I was pestered roundly later by my family etc as to why “I let my wife do this”.

And when I tell her to do something, Mamma dearest pesters me “how dare I even DARE to tell a woman to do anything”.

Cant win for losing, hehe.

And wouldn’t try!

But really, that brutal honesty is what has always driven me.

Dad probably never thought the beating he gave me in fourth grade would make me take it to such extremes, but I DO.

The one positive side effect of something I do NOT condone in ANY situation except the most extreme – violence against kids that passes off as “spanking”. Right! My ass was sore for days hehe.

(but those were the old days, so it was done ... school was even worse).

Anyway, it led me to a far better place down the road ... a few months later ... yet again.

Circumstances shaped up so I was back in ... you guessed it!


And my beloved hill, hehe. So much for the efforts made to derail that process, hehe.

Anyway, just what the hell does this have to do with fitness you might be asking.

Well, it DOES.

My products are written in the SAME tone.

The same brutally honest frank barebones tone – and facts that deliver RESULTS.

Some people don’t get it.

“Cesar”, a guy that bought the initial paperback version of Fast and Furious Fitness bitched up a storm over “Pushups – Reverse Pushups – the BEST DARN EXERCISE EVER!” when it was released and he bought it.

Apparently because some of the exercises were the same as in 0 Excuses Fitness, it had no value and he wouldn’t want to keep it.

Asinine indeed. It was evident he just did a quick look through the book and then had “buyer’s regret” or whatever it is impulse buyers often encounter...  

That did teach me one thing though – to RAISE the price of the book ASAP.

I was running my usual 50% off for a while since the book had just been released. I often do that.

And I instantly raised the price back up (for that book and Gorilla Grip) - - and voila!

Serious customers for a serious price.

And thats how to do it, friend.

Stick to your guns – ALWAYS!


Rahul Mookerjee


PS – And thats really why the price for the 0 Excuses Fitness Ship is going up by a whopping TWO HUNDRED BUCKS come next year. Be pissed or not, I could care less. That is just how it is going to BE, friend.

PS #2 -Read a REAL review from a customer that gets it on the book above ...

The exercise in this book is quite difficult to master but once you crack it, it will blow you away at how good it makes your entire body feel, I’m 63 and let me tell you, this one exercise has done more for my overall wellbeing than anything else I’ve ever done. A masterpiece, thank you.

– John Walker  (from the UK).

PPS – Being politically correct and telling white lies is something that has always been quite alien to me. Truth be told, it wouldn’t have been fair to my wife anyway. Truth be told again – f*** it. If I didnt do it, then I flat out didnt bloody do it, and thats just he bottom line, hehe.

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