Wednesday, 23 December 2020 10:49

Getting over the MENTAL fear when doing handstands, and when the isometric can sometimes be tougher than the actual exercise/workout!

Handstands and handstand pushups are interesting. I’ll say that much!

I’ve spoken a lot and rightfully so about the MENTAL benefits of handstand workouts. How the increased blood flow to the brain helps in everything you do.

Co-ordination. Balance. Agility- and SPEED – yes, these help with speed too!

And digestion, of course. Those of you that suffer from IBS or bloat – watch out – once you get on these programs, you CAN wave BYE BYE to such problems forever.

But really, the isometric part of the handstand (holding for time, really pressing etc – everything I mention in the book on isometrics) is often times a lot tougher for people than it should be.

Especially when you do ‘em MY style – which is way different from how most teach it.

The “back to wall” is the “easy way out” - - believe me.

What I teach is the real deal.

And is how you do freestanding handstands, which is and should be the next progression.

Now, weak traps and wrists are one reason. 

But, and I discovered this when doing an especially tough isometric this afternoon.

(Handstand isometric).

The FEAR of falling sometimes trumps “perceived weaknesses”.

As the minute(s) ticked by, even I had those thoughts.

What if my traps give out.

What if I fall.

Nothing would happen, of course!

But the mind plays many a strange trick on us, and to get rid of this – two ways YOU can use -

One, do the pushup itself, and get back to the iso part ofit.

Focusing on the MOVEMENT will take your mind away from the what if’s ...

Two, do a handstand walkout as I advis ein Shoulders Like BOULDERS!

And three (I know I said two, hehe) - - focus on the CORE. REALLY straightening, stretching and strengthening.

The MENTAL side of these is way more important than anyone gives it credit for.

And on that note, I’m off for some jump rope workouts. Not for yours truly tho.

More on THAT later!


Rahul Mookerjee

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