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More on PERSONAL Responsiblity

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I believe I wrote a thing or two about that on the other site ...

But as I finish that last “don’t build websites anymore unless it’s REALLY something that pays me WELL and the client is someone I’d like with me long term” – I gotta say this.

And this will be of interest to said client “from Rwanda”, I believe, if I have got it right but I might not have ... who is no doubt reading this as I type this almost.

I have not one, or two websites. I got PLENTY, bro.

And I just got a new one up a while ago.

Anyway, on another front, I missed a payment for one of my BUSINESS websites.

The due date was around the middle of the month. My credit card wouldn’t work. It often doesnt due to a technicality that I had to contact the bank to sort out (Which to their credit they DID) ... but in the meantime I requested those guys to keep my site up and operational for 2 weeks more.

(to give me time to pony up)

(funnily enough or perhaps not – they gave me a discount that month for a great review I wrote for them. It was nice of them and entirely unexpected and the review was TRUE, so I wrote it. I certainly didnt expect any monetary return from it. Of course, life being what it is, I got the discount, but lost the ... ah, but we’ll get there).

They couldn’t give me the extra time. 

Against policy.

Which I completely understand!


Let me repeat this.


And they, along with the folks I host THIS site on are the best damned host I’ve had the pleasure to work with in a long, long time. For many reasons! Oustanding support for one ...

So what did I do?

I didnt rant or rave. Piss or moan. OR whatever.

My card issue wouldn’t get sorted until the next month.

Waiting a month for the other site to be online would incur business losses.


I took it on the chin 

Took a complete backup of my site BEFORE the account was “auto deleted”. And thats how to do it, my friend.

And bear in mind, this was just 2 weeks, not SIX MONTHS AND counting as a lot of these guys emailing me are delinquent for.

I have no idea why, but people seem to think “online = easy and turn on / off”.

If it were that easy?

Why not do it yourself, bro?

Ah I know.

How dare I say it?

But I did, because it’s TRUE.

Its about taking responsiblity, my friend.

And ignorance of the law (though honestly speaking there was no ignorance here – there was just you being “cheap”) does NOT mean you can openly flout the law and demand the right to do so.

Ain’t how it works pally.

And thats what I gotta say about that!

Before I go – taking responsbility for your PERSONAL fitness is obviously another major YES – or should be. Start by investing in the best damned fitness system (completely home based, and ZERO equipment of any nature required other than a floor) right here – the0 Excuses Fitness System.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – As for my own other site hosted with some other guys? I made a promise to the hosts that I’d be back with them, and I am. And I – as usual – cannot say enough good things about them. Professional and courteous – and great, great service. That is how it should be!

PS #2- The SAME Thing applies to those who “forget” to renew their SHIP membership, or “their card suddenly stops working”. Hey, I get it. Life is what it is. But life isn’t emailing me and demanding to be let back in without even a “mea culpa” of sorts. And guess what, chances are if you’re not genuine in the first place you will NOT be let back in ...

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