Sunday, 27 December 2020 10:16

Tackle the smallest (and perhaps easiest) issues FIRST!

I Wrote a while ago about doing it OPPOSITE i.e. doing the toughies FIRST.

But there is a caveat I didnt mention. If those toughies can be done QUICK, well and good!

But if not, then what I generally do is the easy stuff first (again, even if it’s not smoething that can be done quick).

And it’s usually the tough stuff I ENJOY, and the annoying crap that I do NOT.

What do I mean.

Well, let me give you ane xample.

This morning I finally made my decision on paperbacks, somethign I’ve been VACILLATING on for way, way too long.

And the decision was (is) final – based upon feedback, paperbacks will be sold now.

Bear in mind, I did not need to do this. The hassle of dealing with shipping etc can be very irritating for yours truly caveman (along with other issues), so for a long time, despite noticing that a lot of, and in fact, the VAST MAJORITY of my customers prefer PAPERBACKS, I was stubborn and Balaam’s ass in that I only offered digital downloads off the site.

But this morning, a massive light bulb struck.

Thank GOD. Hehe.

The ass got a kick up the ASS. LOL.

And when yours truly sometimes gets a kick up the booty, he get to work -in more ways than one if youre on the other site too, hehe.

And I figured. Hey. If theses guys all want paperbacks, lets make it easy for them and let them GET ‘em!

And not only that – the digital option is still there.

So, you have two choices.

One, get BOTH the digital option (instant download) and then the paperback within 2 weeks or so. No waiting involved, and the best of both worlds.

And TWO. JUST the paperback.

Or, you could stick with digital only if you want. So three options, actually.

My first thought in doing all this?

Although I welcomed the decision, I BALKED.

Lots of coding, clicking etc required for each product ...

But being I do NOT outsource stuff to assistants, and probbaly never ever will (hey, what can I say. I run a highly well regulated and very tough and tight ship) ...I have to do it myself.

So, slowly, I got around to it.

Did the first column done.

Phew. Done!

Tea time!

Got a brief pull up workout in (btw, that compilation BE waiting for you at the SPECIAL price bro) ...

Back to it.




And as I sit here writing this, everything except 5 products BE DONE.

A mammoth task - - done in oone hour or less, and likely would never have gotten done if I moaned about the enormity of it all.

Same thing for workouts.

Lots of the workouts I give YOU are 8-10 point workouts.

Bullet points, and each a workout unto itself.

If you just keep thinking “thats too much”, then you’ll never get going, and that BOOTY will keep EXPANDING. Along with the belly.

But if you do what I say in all my books, that being to EAT a bear – but ONE bite at a time – then you might actually – and WILL actually get somewhere.

And thats the wisdom for this one.

Back soon!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – Yours truly “wise ass” will probably be done with the 5 remanining products by the time this typoooo ridden email hits thy Inbox. Lots of emails I know, but hey. Underpromise and over deliver, hehe. And therefore the HIGH prices which will STAY HIGH.

PS #2 - NONE of this advice will work if you're a "victim" (not really - hehe - we ALL have the ability to SNAP OUT OF IT) of the 2 D's that I'll write about soon. Depression and demotivation. Both worse than the plague, yes, even the plague that the PRC sent! - and both feed on each other. Uggggggh. Napoleon HIll was truly right about avoiding any and ALL negative influences, because of the havoc they can WREAK on your mind. 

And no, you dont need counseling - shounseling - bozo like whatnot and what not to SNAP OUT OF IT. 

You need a kick to the BOOTY and something else - both of which are explained in my coaching calls for ELITE DOERS IN LIFE - - so apply today in case you're interested. 

And I'll offer you a bit of a sneak peek into ONE of the secrets soon via the emails - stay tuned!