Sunday, 27 December 2020 10:38

The TWO (or three, actually) D’s that should be avoided like the BUBONIC plague (or the plague from China, for that matter).

 I said I’d explain a bit on this one in an email prior to this, and now I will.

When you see someone that is either going nowhere in life, or DOWN – and fast – chances are (and no the economy “shonomy” ain’t to blame either, and neither is yuour family, or parents, or friends, or Bozos, or what not. Jimmy up, bro. Take CHARGE OF YOUR LIFE!) it’s either one of two things.

One, the person is in a cushy position of sorts.

Which won’t last forever.

If you’re not going up, you’re going DOWN. Nothing stagnates in this here Universe (other than the Bozos that putrefy and you can smell their skunkiness from a mile, but I digress) ....

And two, and more commonly these days, the 2D’s .

Depression, and DEMOTIVATION.

One feeds upon the other.

Both are caused by each other.

And both breed a third child called “dicking around” i.e. procrastination. Which is just as terrible, to be honest.

Those that dilly and dally go NOWHERE in life, my friend.

You strike while the iron is HOT. NOW.

You write when the urge strikes you. NOW.

You just do it. NOW.

As Napoleon Hill (and I must admit yours truly knew this for a long time!) was fond of saying.

The time will NEVER be right. IF there is something you want to do it – just do it – NOW!

And there in above can be boiled down the THREE main principles of FAILURE and one of success.

There’s more of course.

But that the gist.

And back to demotivation.

You see it all around you, I’m sure.

You might even be affected by it yourself. 

Symptoms include, but are NOT limited to ...

Being “violently aggressive” or otherwise rude and condescending to those that point it out.

Expecting the world on a platter, while doing squat all to MAKE it happen, and ZERO for others.

Doing NOTHING of your own, and depending upon Bozo Shozos for jobs, and going nowhere in life in min wage jobs, and yet be UNWILLING to quit because “who knows what the future holds”. Yeah. Right. I know, for one, that if you continue down this path bro – it’s a path of RUIN – for YOU.

Guilt trips. Agitation. Constant “annoyance and irritation” for no reason whatsoever.

And the list goes on and on and on.

And while there are many things you can do to snap out of this, I promised I’d tell you one thing, so here it is.

One, a kick to the ass (figurative).

And two, MAKE AP LAN!

Get a goal of your own, and work on it.

Without expecting instant results.

Our minds only function at their optimum when they’re faced with solving a problem, and doing (usually what we enjoy).

IF you do the latter, a LOT of your problems will fade away into nothingness, much like the darkness does into dawn daily.

Believe me, I’ve seen it happen for MANY people – and it will happn for you as well.

It has happened for me as well ...

And thats one reason I put out Zero to HERO! - which is a must read in terms of motivation along with Gumption GALORE!

(More Volumes coming out on both these, so stay tuned).

But anyway, my coaching calls go into MORE detail on this as well if you are so inclined, and if not, no problem. Truth be told the above two books - - any OEN Tip in them - - should get you FIRED UP AND READY to go – NOW!

If it doesn’t, you need some serious GLUTENEOUS kicks up the MAXIMUS, hehe.

Last, but not least ... remember the world waits for nobody, my friend.

If you want something you gotta go GET IT – NOW!

Procastination is indeed the “Devil” when it comes to achievement.

So if you’ve been looking into ordering our products, do NOT put thy decision off any more – it might could cost you – quite literally!

And thats it for now.

Back soon.


Rahul Mookerjee