Sunday, 27 December 2020 19:22

“Girls don’t care about studs in the gym! They only care about in the BEDROOM!”

(and she said that while making the appropriate physical gesture too).

(She WAS HOT!) (angry, hehe).

‘Tis hilarious indeed, but first a short (or a couple of short) stories ...

When Matt Furey once came out with his “Chinese long life secrets” or some such program, he headlined his product as follows (I’m thinking it was one of the subheads actually – I think the heading was something else).

Apparently at the time of writing Matt was injured in the gym (thumb to kidney – and believe me, that shit HURTS) and he couldn’t “perform” in the bedroom or something to that effect (at least temporarily).

And I ain’t sure if the page is still up, but I remember the marketing genuis behind it.

“In frustration, my wife turned me to me and said “I dont want a man thats a stud in the bedroom and a DUD in the gym!”

Now, these are evocative words indeed (and I suspect Matt paraphrased, but he did it in the right way).

Yours truly titled the books on pull-ups that got Bozo Schofield so riled up “dud to stud” and “stud to super stud” for a reason as well!

But it has got NOTHING to do with sex. Hehe.

But anyway, I remember a comment or a couple of ones my lovely and often angry wife makes (to be honest, strangers would be better friends than us, hehe, but whatever – it is what it is for now).

One was the comment in the title of the post when I was talking about exercise, I believe.

People often pooh pooh what they can’t do, for one.

“nuff said.

(And that I’m sure rings a bell with certain people who complain up a storm about my pull-ups, hehe).

(not in bed, don’t worry. Hehe).

But anyway ... she also once made the following comment during an argument.

“You dont know what I want!”

“You can’t give me what I want!”

Now, for reference ...

This was a long period between “romps in the hay” as it were.

I’m an avid practitioner of Napoleon Hill’s sexual transmutation theories, and it shows in my work.

Show me a successful man that isn’t highly sexed, and I’ll eat my hat!

(and it ain’t green either, hehe). The green ones have Bozo you know who written on it. Sad part, or maybe not, he LIKES that ... 

(And a very long list of names I haven’t counted bears testament to that).

And it also bears testament to what Hill said about men NOT succeeding in a big way before 40 (the vast majority).

“Most men before that age spend their time dissipating their fine energies to the wind, in other words, sowing their wild oats”.


Given my own background, I can’t say I disagree, hehe.

The very first thing I told my “lovely wife” (if you can call her that) in 2008 on Google Chat I believe it was!

The sauanas, the girls, everything ... LOL. The whole shebang as it were.

“How dare you tell me that”, was the response.

I can never get away from the “how dare I’s”, can I. Heh.

But anyway, comic relief aside (hey, I’m nothing if not brutally FRANK and I wanted her to KNOW who she was marrying, or “with” at the time) ... the point begets.

When you transfer your sexual energy into your work, miracles will happen my friend. Trouble is most men do NOT do it right ...

There is a reason boxers and wrestlers refrain from sex for MONTHS before a big fight – let me just tell you that.

And there is a reason why ancient Indian wrestlers were shit scared of “night dreams”.

Now, i cover some of this in my coaching calls. Sure.

But esoterism and transmutation aside, here are two FACTS.

One, being a TRUE stud DOES turn women on. No matter how much they deny it. Hehe. Proof’s in the pudding ...

And TWO, and more importantly, and for YOU on this list.

All of the exercises I do do the exact opposite of decreasing your libido.

You’ll be ready to go and then some in the sack, I’ll tell you that when you do these quick workouts that make your blood roar!

I’d still advise saving “your best for your work”.

But thats an entirely individual decision of course, and yours truly “el monk and caveman” probably is NOT the best person to tell you how to live your life, and does NOT want to either!

But yeah.

These workouts don’t just promote health, strength and fitness.

They increase LIBIDO.

The big T.

And they eliminate the need for that pesky V...

Alright, enough of the pseudo-raunch.

To get it on via the BEST damn fitness system ever – go right HERE – the 0 Excuses Fitness System.


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – With the new paperback options on the site, you can get just the book if you want. I wouldn’t recommend it though. These exercises DO need a bit of a video tutorial which is why I created them (despite my DISLIKE of anything video or remotely close to it).

Grab NOW.

PS #2 - I can almost feel the flames coming off Bozo Schofield's face as he reads this. YEE-HA!

(but really, dude. It's true. She'd rather do it the normal way for one as opposed to your inane tendencies to "be a slave" or what not ...) 

(inane because you PUSH it on her when she doesnt want it!) 

PPS - To become a RAMPAGING super STUD at doing pull-ups - - a REAL MAN - - with REAL MAN WORKOUTS - grab the advanced course NOW, and get cranking. This will truly builds levels of strength hitherto UNKNOWN to you, and will make you virile, young, and a bonafide STUD again - and yes, the effects extend to the bedroom mostl likely too. Heh.