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Like talking to a brick wall, except that WALL likely makes more sense, hehe

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I must admit - -I had a bit of a chuckle this morning (or this evening, actually).

I was chattign with a friend and customer about an upcoming (or current, as the case might be) purchase.

And part of our conversation was about his (as he says) wife of 28 years (almost).

And how she actually feels his training is putting him MORE at risk of a heart attack then the other way around i.e not training and being more prone to a heart attack is probably the more rational and sensible way of looking at it

And dont get me wrong – the Mrs likely knows this, but her “concern” is likely overriding any rational thinking she has on this one!

Which happens quite a lot, or all the time with a lot of ladies once “relationships” and marriage become part of the deal.

I should know, hehe.

Training, just don't get me started on that!!! The Mrs believes that at 63 (64 also in July 2021) I should have stopped years ago and she says that all this exercise will probably give me a heart attack or a stroke if I'm not careful, I have tried to tell her that exercising will probably prevent me from having the heart attack or stroke but it's like talking to a brick wall in fact I'd probably get more sense out of a brick wall if you know what I mean

... Is what he said. (I’m quoting the relevant part of the conversation).

And my response?

I must admit I had a chuckle or two at the "brick wall" comment - I feel EXACTLY the same way talking about anything, not just exercise, hehe with my wife or my mom for that matter. Yes, I've been living alone pretty much for the past 8 or so years (probably 10 actually) ... I couldn't ever take the "we're always right" thing that women always seem to pull on us men in some way, shape or form.

(again, relevant parts of the conversation quoted).

He had this to say about my living alone - - and I must say this – bud I dont blame you for feeling that way, hehe.

You live alone, buddy, after 27 years of marriage (28 in July 2021) that sounds like heaven to me, I often dream to myself what living like that would be like after nearly 30 years of having to consider how what I say or do will affect my other half.

It can get to you, but on the other hand, some things are what they are, especially if you’re in one of the more lockdown ravaged parts of the world which this dude is in - - everyone’s just going plumb damn crazy.

Except us serious trainees who KNOW this is all mostly panic beyond the initial problems, and who know the value of real training!

As I told this person.

“Don’t try to explain it, buddy – or you might actually end up getting a heart attack trying to explain than not!”


But it’s true!

Rang so true when I Read it too ...

And thats what YOU gotta do when the bozos from Gym Shym La La land show up claiming a bunch of nonsense like “bodyweight exercises are only good for endurance and not strength”.


Or, “cardio at a steady rate for 30 minutes at 80% of my target heart rate is the ideal way to lose weight”.


Or, “pushups are worthless!”


And a very merry Christmas to these people in la la land, or the looney tune bin, and to try and reason with these people is an act approaching lunacy anyway!

So dont even try! :)

But anyway, on other fronts.

Yours truly has been BUSY as a bee this morning pounding out books, not one but two.

Not for the fitness biz. The other biz.

One is 10,000 plus words in the offing, and the other is 7 k plus words already. Yes, when I get down to it – I get down to it – and I brook NO excuses.

Not w.r.t life.

Not exercise. Not fitness. And not my work! (which for me is FUN).

Fitness wise, a couple of other things.

John Walker from the United Kingdom asked me if I was goin gto put out a book on training with traditional Indian maces and clubs amongst other things.

“Gada and Jori” basically I believe is what they call ‘em.


I DO train with these, and I WILL put out a proper book on it in the future – stay tuned.

I’ve already done one on jump rope training, of course ...

Another one I want to do is the ab roller ... another great gadget, and one I believe Roosevelt used when in the Oval office, and for good reason.

He used to get his ENTIRE family involved while exercising.

Smart man!

Of course, he probably parried the “you’ll get a heart attack” thing off more times than he’d care to remember!

And on yet another note, some of you have signed up with multiple email addresses, and are yet NOT able to receive our emails.

And that sucks – I know.

But truth be told, there isn’t much that can be done about it, unfortunately. Email providers have their own whims and fancies, and my own gmail account is unable to receive emails from my info@.... account for whatever reason!

(but I'm having it looked into anyway. Multiple people have contacted me about it, so ...) 

So if you dont get emails from us – remember they’re all posted right her eon the blog as well.

And thats that for now. Back soon! (and I’m back to my other two books).

So much to DO, hehe. An dI’m loving it!


Rahul Mookerjee

PS – The compilation on pull-ups is one hell of a book and it’s been getting some REAL interest as of late. Check it out right here - - Pull-ups – from DUD to STUD – to SUPER STUD – WITHIN WEEKS! (


(and remember, paperback options are there too!)


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