Tuesday, 29 December 2020 08:47

Work SMART – not “hard”!

Nothing against hard work.

In fact it’s required. But there’s something more than hard work that goes into success, my friend. It’s your thinking, and working smart.

Otherwise, and Claude Bristol said this in the Magic of Believing.

If “hard work” was all that was required to attract money, then all the laborers in the world would be multi-millionaires!

That isn’t a verbatim quote, but it’s the sum and substance of what he said.

Now, I Still remember it. And have mentioned it in the 10 Commandments of Successful Sales.

Really speaking, I should say TWENTY or more, and you wll know what I mean when you read the book! 


I had closed a sale and got the payment or something, but the client had gypped us.

He ended up paying us less than we were owed, and our operations team ended up doing MORE.

Of course, and this is mentioned in the book that was one of the reasons that that job didnt work out despite my prodigous (sales, hehe) output there as well.

Ultimately if operations doesn’t back you up with stellar service when selling, then ALL the sales in the world won’t help.

Because your customers will decide your product isn’t worth a crap, and in many cases ours wasn’t then.

Anyway, thats one of the reasons behind my underpromise and over-deliver mantra for this site.

But anyway, the boss had this to say.

“Work smart, not harder” (he was saying this to operations).

He was right. Hehe. Pity he didnt use that reasoning when it came to my own one hour workdays and the results I delivered. More on that at the end of the book, and a prime example of how as a boss NOT to demotivate your highest performers ... big time! 

But anyway.

Work smart, not hard is something I LIVE by.

Dont get me wrong. I put in a lot of hours!

But I dont do what the bozos do.

Thats another reason my family and myself doesnt get along. My Mom and Dad for one have this idea that life is supposed to be a grind in ways you’d never imagine, and that the basics of life aren’t the basics apparently, and thats there is nothing called “standard of life” – it’s only “grovel for a min wage paycheck”.

So be it.

That is their thinking. They’re entitled to it.

My thinking has always been the polar opposite.

As I sit here finishing up another one of those 20,000 “volume one” books (this one will likely extend to four) for another site, the thought came to mind.

(and I can see the readers asking for MORE already. Hehe. "I look forward to more by this author!" was the latest comment I got on one of my fiction novels) ... 

Prodigous output.

And one way I get it done (other than exercise, being motivated etc) is to REPURPOSE.

Why do people have this idea that everything you’ve written has got to be original always?

It doesn’t.

Now sure, ALL of my writing is original. Thats not what I mean.

But you can pull from what you’ve written already. Get ideas. Re-word. Re-write. And believe me, you can pound out BOOKS – both fiction and not that way if you know what you’re doing and have them ORIGINAL too.


And yes, all the workouts I give you are original.

But I know how to do it, and therefore my original books at the prodigous rate at which I put ‘em out .. .

And so it is with workouts for me.

I train SMART.

Not hard.

I always have a purpose.

Yes, like Jason Bourne!

“There’s no random. There’s always a purpose, always an objective”

Sure, I WORK HARD - - but I don’t train for hours like a Bozo (unless I’m hiking etc, which is different obviously).

But my sessions RARELY go beyond half an hour these days. 20 minutes mostly.

And I’m in the best shape of my life approaching the age of forty, and my output has never been more.

In case Bozo Schofield is wondering, in all regards. Ugh. And hehe.

And thats what I gotta impart to you today.

Wisdom of the day and indeed a quote for the ages.

Work smart – not HARD!


Rahul Mookerjee

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