Wednesday, 30 December 2020 07:05

Why I LIVE by the Mr T maxim of “I live alone, and TRAIN alone!” and why I rarely, if ever (these days) discuss business with anyone, especially NOT WIVES and SIGNIFICANT OTHERS

Not that I have many of either one of the last two categories (well,not as of this moment, hehe).

The Bozo is no doubt itching to know “how many girls asked for my WeChat today”, and truth be told, some did.

I didnt give it to any though.

Yours truly caveman “gets a lot” yes, but he does so in a manner that would confuse most .. but the results count!

But anyway, that ain’t the point.

A long time, back when my wife and myself were still on speaking terms (now it’s “get away from the other person as quick as possible” and make sure to make the other person’s life a living hell if IC an (for her, not me – I just want to be left alone and I am, hehe)) I discussed biz with her.

How much was “coming in”.

Biz costs. Etc etc.

As I would a partner, actually ...

What happened from all these discussions?

A big fat ZERO.

That was when I was just starting out and had plenty of moola in the bank, so she wasn’t making my life hell.

But business wise, she wasn’t giving me any ideas on how to ADVANCE the biz. It was always "oh, we have money, so it'll be there later", and when it wasn't well ... 

Not how life works my friend. 

More to the point though, it ain’t just HER. 

Don’t expect others to understand, my friend.

Dont expect ANYONE to understand simple facts of life and biz such as “you get what you put into it”.

My own cardinal rule (one of them) of doing biz is this.

INVEST back into the biz.

I’ve been following this rule for a few years now and oh boy. You’d think it was day and night, the difference in my results!

Sounds silly that I didnt do it from the get go huh.

But we ALL live and learn, my friend. And for someone thats always been dissuaded from doing his own thing, from “not selling” because “sales people do nothing” (what an idiotic and inane comment that was – speaks tomes as to my family’s thinking on MONEY – I mean, sales brings home the BACON my friend, and more often than not gets to deal with crappy executions etc. Not me, of course, but I’m just sayin’....)

End of the day, everyone I grew up around saw the “here and now”, but the words “do it differently” and “potential for HUGE gains”

Was NOT there in their version of Oxford, or Webster, or what not ...

Until it “happened”, of course. When I wasn’t fit, they said I’d never get fit. When I was, they hemmed and hawed, and never admitted that I was. And so forth. And we’ve all dealt with it, and back to business?

Many other little things which even most so called “Seasoned” businessmen don’t do.

Anyway, this isn’t so much about business as fitness.

I recently (and I wrote about this) received a note from a man – a warrior -whose wife doesnt get it in terms of “training”.

She keeps telling him “not to train” and that he should have stoppe dyears and years ago.

And that he’ll get a heart attack from all the training he does (this to a man that has been doing just that his entire life).

And so forth.

And I’m sure she’s not the only one saying that either, hehe. My own Dad kept telling me “I had a huge belly” (when I did) and that I “overexercised” (I didnt).

Huge belly.

Exercise less, not more?

I give up. And this from a person who hasn’t done a pushup in his entire life most likely, and would not just collapse, but likely have several heart attacks if I put him through ONE minute of what I do in Advanced Hill Training, for one.

So I haven’t, hehe.

But anyway, thats the point.


No-one will understand, my friend.

Do it yourself – and enjoy the results YOURSELF.

Because, as Major General Michael once told me.

“YOU did it, Rahul!”

“Now YOU enjoy it!”

(and I did. I was having a few cold ones when he called and told me, hehe. Ah, them days. I miss 'em! )

True indeed my brother. Sage indeed.

Is it any wonder I chose my “English name” to be Michael?

I think not ..

Anyway, enough on that. Those that haven’t taken advantage of the $799 offer for the SHIP – do so now bro. The clock runs out very soon indeed.


Rahul Mookerjee


PS – HERE is where you can pick up the best compilation on pull-ups. But remember, keep it to yourself, hehe.

PS #2 – My Dad once asked me if I have “more than one wife”. I still remember him looking at the babes “out of the corner of his eye” when they went to China ... LOL. I best not go there though.

“You only have one as far as we know” ...


A customer recently told me that “Anyway my friend I envy you as you seem to have figured out how to live on your own terms and very few men can say that, especially the married ones”.

Yes. I have. So can you, bro – maybe not at “my level”, but in terms of training, business. Oh, YES, you can!

(and for those reading, yes, I WILL continue to live life on my OWN TERMS).